Zoom Meditation September 8, 2020 17:25

Every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month, Jamie presents an online crystal bowl meditation session. It is a channeled, guided meditation with a live crystal bowl soundscape. Donna uses participant's 'key words' to create the 'intent' for a relaxing healing-meditation. 

Registrations by email are essential.

Coming into Balance- March Equinox 2019 April 2, 2019 09:40

Coming Into Balance- March Equinox Meditation 2019

Equinox is a time that calls you into balance, which can be challenging and even confronting. By shifting your perspective, you may gain breadth, empathy, and a greater appreciation of history, intent and consequences.

Tune in to our second Earth Healing presentation on YouTube, March Equinox 2019. Proceeds of essence sales are donated to Global Village Foundation, Bali. 

Tune into Jamie's Solstice Earth-Healing Meditation on YouTube December 22, 2018 21:15

Tune into Jamie's Solstice Earth-Healing Meditation on YouTube

Jamie now has her own YouTube channel, which we use to communicate Earth-Healing meditations and energy-healing seminars. 

We hope that you enjoy our 2018 end-of-year Summer (or Winter if you are in the northern hemisphere) Solstice Earth-Healing Meditation. Voice-channeled by Donna Sue Robson, the focus is  'connection with nature' and helps you to balance giving and receiving, and to learn how to expand your own energy while contributing to Earth harmony. 

Jamie creates vibrational essences from all of our crystal bowl, guided meditations. Proceeds of essence sales go to Global Village Foundation, Bali.  

We hope that you enjoy our first YouTube presentation and chose to tune into many more.

Wishing you a Happy Solstice, Christmas and 2019,

Donna Sue Robson,

Jamie Natural Health and Healing

Crystal Bowl Meditation Classes October 3, 2017 21:40

Every Thursday fortnight, 7.80-8.30pm
By Donna Sue Robson in Box Hill North

Jamie presents a new fortnightly meditation class in Box Hill North.  Every Thursday fortnight, this Crystal Bowl, Guided Meditation starts on Thursday 26th April and runs throughout 2018. 

Donna Sue Robson from Jamie Natural Health and Healing is known for her voice-channeled, crystal-bowl meditation classes and Healings, first held in Warburton nearly 15 years ago. The Jamie style of meditation is designed to activate and expand the 3rd Eye, powerful because of the vibrancy of the crystal bowls (live-sound) and because it is specifically channeled for those who choose to come. Every class is different, but our intent is consistent: to improve mindfulness through conscious awareness and help you to better interpret and implement your own spiritual guidance. Donna always facilitates discussion to help you to remember and learn from your meditation experience.

These classes are are pre-paid with a 4-session pass which is an investment of $60.  

Spring, Sand and the Signs of Nature August 23, 2017 00:11

Spring, Sand and the Signs of Nature

Spring Equinox Healing Meditation- September 23rd, 6.30-9.30pm

Four times-a-year, Jamie Natural calls together those who are interested in working energetically to spread healing to troubled spots of the world. 

Equinox Healing Summary

On Saturday September 23rd 2017, Jingspace in Lilydale will be hosting our Spring Equinox event. The theme is 'Spring, Sand and the Signs of Nature': you can expect guided insights into 'reading earth signs', and direction to adjust your alignment to match earth shifts. As a group, we combine to spread positive light energy to specific parts of the world, activated at specific times. It is a guided meditation- all you have to do is show up, join the meditation-healing and enjoy a light supper. It is a chance to: meet like-minded people, develop your third eye and to share healing energy.

A Fund-raiser for Global Village Foundation, Bali

A percentage of essence sales will be donated to Global Village Foundation, to support this Not-For-Profit's work with disabled people and impoverished families in North Bali and East Java.

Tango Communication January 26, 2017 23:33


Is 'communication' an issue in your relationship?

3 x 2-hour workshops in Box Hill North and Lilydale 

Tango Communication is a course primarily for couples and partners who want to improve the way they communicate in order to get the most out of their relationship.

It is a carefully designed program, in the format of 3 x 2 hour workshops, where communication patterns are revealed, overturned and improved as couples learn the Argentine Tango.

Make 2017 the year to commit, communicate and Tango!  

It just may be time to to put your relationship first.

Sundays 3.00pm-5.00pm, 29/10, 5/11 and 12/11  2017 Bookings essential.

Presented by Jamie Natural, Momentos and hosted by Jing Healthcare, Lilydale.

Visits to Warrnambool: Upcoming 2018 dates October 17, 2016 16:46

Vibrational Balancing healing sessions are offered to people of Warrnambool and the surrounding Western District every year. In 2018, Donna will be working at Ishka, Warrnambool on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th May, from 10.30am-4pm.

People opt for an energy-healing session for a variety of reasons. However, one thing is consistent- it is when you need to make changes or assistance to process one or more of life's many challenges. 

Journalism, Editorial and Weekend Notes October 5, 2016 02:10

Donna Sue Robson of Jamie Natural Health and Healing is also a writer and essayist who specialises in alternative health, energetic healing and metaphysics. With over 20 years of journalistic experience and publication knowledge, Donna is available to contribute to online publications either as a columnist, feature writer or contributing editor. 



Natural Care and Energetic Healing for Pets 1- New Workshop! May 31, 2016 22:37

Next pet-care workshop, September 25th-book early!

Jamie knows that pet-owners already have a very strong connection with their pets, and can quickly attune to their best friend's problems or worries. This new workshop from Jamie Natural teaches both natural healing, such as aromatherapy and herbalism, and energy-healing techniques, which combine to build on your knowledge and intuition, and will heighten your healing skills. 

Jamie welcomes the opportunity to be able to contribute to rescue organisations and other animal welfare organisations. We will donate 10% of any extra Jamie pet-care product sales from these pet-care workshops to a nominated not-for-profit group. 

Jamie is available to speak at pet-care conferences and training sessions about natural and energetic healing for pets. 

Special workshop offer- book and pay for two Jamie workshops and receive a $50 discount. Please phone Donna or email to arrange your discounted offer. 


Caring For An Older Pet- Part 3 April 6, 2016 00:27

Age-related ailments

Welcome to Part 3 of Caring For An Older Pet. In this blog, we focus on those ailments and conditions are are often associated, or even 'expected' or explained by old age. Jamie does not believe or focus on the 'inevitability' of these conditions: instead we look at how they can be treated and managed. 

Summer Of Love- Solstice 2015-16 January 3, 2016 20:13

Summer of Love, Solstice 2015-16

Summer Solstice is a time of reflection and the rapid changes that come with true reflection. The energies of 2015, or those directly leading up to Summer Solstice (which started earlier this year because of its sheer magnitude and potency) were all about nostalgia, or more accurately, 'how you come to terms with the past'. 

The challenge and the key is how to use 'reflection' effectively. The more you reflect, the greater and faster are the challenges, so therefore, the bigger and more powerful are the transformations. Solstice can be an intense period as it drives you forward and opens the heart...

Caring For An Older Pet Part 2 December 7, 2015 16:03

Caring For An Older Pet/Part 2

Adjustments and Changes

Caring for an older pet is a privilege that is full of treasured special moments. The second of our Caring For An Older Pet Blog series looks at the adjustments and changes that you may need to make to your friend's diet and exercise routine to best support and cherish them in older age. Part 3, Treating Age-related Ailments Naturally will be published on 14/12/15.


Caring For Older Pets-Part One November 29, 2015 18:30


Part One- It's a privilege to care

Caring for an older pet is about changing your expectations of them, appreciating the beauty of old age and embracing the opportunity to give back the care, love and utter devotion that they have always bestowed upon you. This 3-part blog series looks at: how you can help and better understand your pet's aging process; how natural and energetic therapies can assist; simple changes in diet and exercise; and product and practitioner guide.

Spring Equinox Earth Healing-Meditation September 23, 2015 00:30

Resolution and 'Luck'

Crystal-bowl Guided Meditation @ Jamie Natural Health and Healing 19-9-15

Imagine yourself surrounded by people whom you love, in a lush, fertile green environment of your choice. It is 'humming' with a love vibration, or a feeling of belonging, a feeling of tenderness. As you look around there are people - many people whom you do not 'know' as such, but whom you recognise as those whom you once knew, or there are those who exude such a warm familiarity that you feel comfortable that one day, you will know them too...

Equinox Meditation-coming soon September 16, 2015 19:01

Spring Equinox is a time of resolution. On September 19th, some of us will be celebrating this time with an Earth Healing and guided crystal-bowl meditation. It will be an honour to publish that meditation and share it with you, on September 22nd. Jamie hopes to be able to publish 4 such meditations a year and share them online. Vibrational essences 'bottling' the new energy will be available.

Jamie Blog March 19, 2015 10:07

Next Blog coming August 2015