Skin Care Range

Skin Care Range

Jamie Natural Skin Care

Jamie skin-care range is unique and effective because of 'what's in it'- and 'what's not in it'. Like all Jamie products, our skin-care products are hand-made with TLC and are toxic-free.

What's 'In'

‘What's in’ Jamie products are natural, practitioner-quality essential oils, as well as herbal-infused oils (such as hypericum, evening primrose and carrot healing oil) which penetrate layers of skin to restore skin- health, balance and moisture. We can also add Jamie vibrational essences on request, energetic essences which customise your skin-care products by balancing your emotions and stress reactions.

Jamie skin-care products hydrate and heal, thereby maximising overall skin-health, and its glow and elasticity. Natural hydration alone helps skin to recover from physical stress, emotional upheaval and hormonal fluctuations and imbalances.

What's 'Out'

There are no chemical or synthetic ingredients or preservatives added. Jamie skin-care range has a lifespan of 12 months because of the natural preservative grape-seed oil and the use of non-transparent glass packaging. As a boutique range, we make small quantities often, so that your products are as fresh as possible.

Natural Sun-Screen Protection Can Be Added

Jamie can add natural sun-screen protection, such as avocado oil, to your moisturiser on request. This can only be done for tubs of 120mL and there is no extra charge for this service. 

Jamie recommended skin-care routine

  1. Cleanse- with a Jamie clay-cleansing bar and rinse with tepid water.
  2. Tone -apply selected Jamie toner and with a cotton-wool ball and wipe off.
  3. Moisturise- rub in Jamie moisturiser.
  4. Hydrate- carry a Jamie facial spray in your purse and spray onto your face for extra hydration.


Ideally, this should be done morning and night. In the morning, make sure that you use some sort of 30+ or 50+ sun-block or cream (before or after)  your moisturiser (unless there is a sun-block in your make-up). For a night-cream (if you want something different) we recommend a deeper moisturiser, such as Eva, Olivia or Katerina, or if you are already using one of those varieties or have drier or more mature skin, try Beauty Hand-Repair Cream or Jamie Natural Skin-Care Balm.

1. Cleanse- Clay-Cleansing Bars

Jamie's Rose Quartz and Jade facial clay-cleansing bars are cleansers in a convenient soap-bar format. Nurturing, natural and cost-effective, Rose Quartz and Jade are made from are made from French red and green clay respectively, with skin-care-appropriate essential oils added. At only $9.95, they make a total skin-care regime affordable. Jamie appreciates that for modern women, skin-care needs to be fuss-free, time-efficient and value-for-money.

If allowed to drain after use and used daily, Jamie clay-cleansing bars last between 1-3 months.

Jade, which is best for pimples, acne, facial eczema and dryness, will not be available until January 2017. In the meantime, we recommend Rose Quartz, which because it is also suitable for combination skin-types, will still nurture and heal those skin conditions and types for which Jade has been designed. Both Jamie clay-cleansing bars and are gentle, hand-made and support natural growers and environmentally sustainable practices. 

2. Tone- Facial Toners

Toning is an essential part of your daily skin-care routine. Facial toners are especially important if you have pimples, blackheads, acne, dull skin, poor skin-health or skin that is slow to adjust to hormonal fluctuations and emotional stress.  

Jamie facial toners are 100% water based and include essential oils and herbal-infused oils (e.g., hypericum and evening primrose oil) that have been especially selected to clean, tone, heal and hydrate the skin. Jamie toners rid your skin of toxic-build up and are essential to create a clean, radiant and glowing complexion. When you use a Jamie toner, you will really notice a difference to your skin's elasticity, cleanliness and time that it takes to recover from skin dryness, dullness or acne.

Jamie toners are recommended according to skin-type, age, life circumstances and hormonal cycles.  

 3. Moisturise- Moisturisers

Our moisturisers have been created with skin age, type and subtle-floral aromas in mind. We have seven moisturisers from which to choose. They are not only good for your skin, but are also a pleasure to use daily. For a full skin-care routine, we recommend that you use our clay-cleansing bars, water-based facial toners as well as the moisturiser of your choice. Check out our range and select one that is right for you: the choice of essential oils makes them an essential part of daily self-nurture and assist in balancing hormonal and emotional cycles (e.g., mood fluctuations, per-menopause, menopause, menstruation pain and emotional sensitivity).

4. Hydrate- Facial Sprays

Jamie facial sprays are designed to hydrate the skin, so above all, we advise that you choose your favourite aromas or the energetic product description that most appeals. Jamie facial sprays: invigorate your skin, indulge your senses, help you to de-stress and re-balance emotions and hormonal cycles.

Jamie facial sprays are 100% water-based and are bottled in convenient 50mL purse-size sprays. They are an ideal travel companion or to use when you are hot or are over-exposed to artificial lighting, heating or air conditioning (all of which dehydrate the skin).

Vibrational essences can also be added on request (send Jamie an email with your product order) and are no extra charge. Vibrational essences are particularly useful to address current stresses, pressures, emotional blocks or life event that is negatively impacting on you or your skin. 

Jamie Recommends

For an ideal starter pack or value-for-money, Jamie recommends our Women's Skin-Care Gift Pack. When you place and pay for your order, you need to send Jamie an email stating your product selections and if you need any vibrational essences or natural sun-screen protection to further customise.