Evolve Facial Toner


Evolve is suitable for mature skin (25-40 age group), or combination skin-types of any age which means if you do get some acne or pimples especially in the t-zone, as well as some dryness. It is also recommended for skin that may feel a bit ‘sluggish’ which can be the result of stress, hard work, over-load or skin that has been affected by climatic bleakness (winter months) or just  from spending too much time indoors.

Evolve is also ideal if you have break-outs or pimples, but only at times of acute stress, change or at pivotal points at your hormonal cycle (around ovulation or in stages of peri-menopause but when your actual period is not forthcoming). If you are going through great change, please let us know with an email with your order, as we can customise this product to help you balance cycles and emotional responses. 

Evolve best compliments Maria-Rosa, Zoe or Eva moisturisers and Rose Quartz clay-cleansing bar.


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