Olive Oil Body Soap

Olive Oil Body Soap

Pure Olive Oil Soaps- Pure Indulgence

Our pure olive oil soaps are created from practitioner-quality essential oils and are hand-manufactured in Knox by Robyn's Soap Box. The texture of Jamie natural olive-oil soaps is best described as 'a never-ending caress of soft velvet': they nurture, moisturise and hydrate your skin.


If you prefer to use olive-oil soap as a facial cleanser, we recommend either Provence or Pristine. Pristine is recommended for babies, children and people with sensitive skin or skin allergies such as eczema. It is pure olive oil with no fragrances added. Eden is our most popular variety for men, as it is gentle with a slight 'lime-zing'. If in doubt, opt for Provence which combines French and Lavender BP and is classic indulgence.

Care for Natural Soap

It is important to keep Jamie olive oil soaps well drained, because as a natural product they they will diminish quickly if left in pools of water. If looked after, they will last about two months of regular or daily use.