Cleaning Range

Cleaning Range

Toxic-Free and Environmentally Friendly

Jamie’s Household Range was our second range to be developed, simply because a household 'detox' was vital to Jamie's cancer recovery (see Jamie's Story). We urge anyone caring for a loved one with an immune-deficiency disease to use all-natural and toxic-free cleaning products.

Such are the principles of natural therapies, that the health and energetic frequency of the environment in which you live is paramount to the healing process and your enjoyment of life.

Jamie's essential-oil cleaning products are all water-based and toxic-free. They are all concentrates which means that they are long-lasting and cost-effective. As aromatherapy oils have multi-uses, our household product range covers most cleaning tasks, which means that you don’t have to buy a separate cleaner for each job or need a cupboard full of highly toxic and pungent cleaning items.

As Jamie cleaning range uses 100% essential oils, they are natural products and support environmentally sustainable practices.