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Jamie specialises in private tuition as experience has shown us that focused, customised and applied attention is the most authentic way to teach energetic disciplines. All of our courses can be taught on Zoom if online study is your preferred option. We therefore invite interstate and international students to consider our healing-study pathways: Jamie will organise suitable, consistent lesson times that  promote best learning outcomes. 

Vibrational Balancing

Vibrational Balancing

Vibrational Balancing is taught from Level One to Masters Level. Generally, it is taught face-to-face with Donna in Box Hill North, although there are remote learning-options available.

Jamie Natural recognises prior learning and offers flexible study options. Vibrational Balancing can be adapted, or intensified to suit your learning style, financial means and desired outcomes. Vibrational Balancing follows a syllabus which gives you levels of certification to be able to practice Vibrational Balancing.

Vibrational Balancing Level One

Pre-requisite: Channeling and Automatic Writing One or approved equivalent.

Vibrational Balancing Level One teaches the fundamentals of both energy healing and Vibrational Balancing. You will learn how to read, understand and to interpret energy; and develop channeling skills through a Healing application.

Vibrational Balancing covers: clearing and aligning chakras and the auric system; transcendental alchemy; DNA repair and activation; Core DNA repair, activation and complex creations; Vibrational essences; Sound healing and RNA; and Space and land clearings.

By the end of Level One you will have the basics from which to create a professional Vibrational Balancing Healing practice. Healing practitioners are encouraged to continue studies to at least the end of Level 3.

Vibrational Balancing 2-3

Pre-requisite: Vibrational Balancing Level One or approved equivalent.

By studying Vibrational Balancing Levels 2 and 3 you begin to appreciate and master the complexities of energy healing, and will be able to read layers of energy, programs and contracts. Building on the basic structure of Vibrational Balancing, you begin to learn profound energy languages such as mathematical consciousness, which leads to techniques such as organ and heart re-sequencing, thought-perception clearing, karmic-wheel activations and re-drafting karmic contracts and ancestral programs.

New energies that you learn to co-create are refined, and their effects and impact become faster and deeper for your clients. At Level 3 you start to bring in consciousness grids that shift people from old patterns of thought and behaviour. If you are serious about becoming a practitioner, Jamie recommends that the first three levels are completed.

Vibrational Balancing Level Four

Pre-requisite: Vibrational Balancing Level Three or approved equivalent.

Vibrational Balancing Level Four concentrates on decoding, using highly intricate energetic grids and codes that call into play an array of modalities and techniques, simultaneously. Frequencies are layered, and need to be accessed and changed across dimensional time and space. Examples of new modalities taught at this level are: neo- and genetic geometric programs; DNA blocks; cosmic grids; as well as connecting and combining levels of intelligence (e.g., cellular intelligence).

Vibrational Balancing continues to ‘end’ old energetic programs and bring through upgraded frequencies that empower soul journeys and real lives. 

Vibrational Balancing Masters and Quantum Energetics

Pre-requisite: Vibrational Balancing Level Four or approved equivalent.

Masters Level students are either Vibrational Balancing professionals or practitioners who have other energy healing qualifications. This builds on 'downloads' and how to use and manage them. It is very much about 'coming into your own uniqueness' as a Healer, and work within the creation field. We access and change high and more complex frequencies.This is where channeling skills are refined and the content and structure of Healing sessions change because downloads are managed effectively with speed and complexity on a daily basis.

At these levels, we work with: Codes of Light; shifting and creating portals; family or large group healings; and time-shift dynamics and modalities such as stem-cell energetics.

The difference between Vibrational Balancing Masters and Quantum Energetics is that the 'Masters student' has come through the Jamie Natural Vibrational Balancing stream, whereas Quantum Energetics is taught to other energy-healing practitioners. Quantum Energetics doesn't necessary give the allied practitioner a Vibrational Balancing certification but they would add 'Quantum Energetics' to their existing certification.

If you are interested or would like further information, please contact info@jamienatural.com to discuss Vibrational Balancing and Energy Healing study options.

Vibrational Balancing 

Private Tutelage Option- Levels 1-3

Venue:Jamie Natural, Box Hill North, Melbourne
Regular time to suit student
Semester:2 x 10-week semester, per level
Duration:Fortnightly, 2-hour lesson 
Investment: $2000 per semester or $3765 for full-year fee

Vibrational Balancing- Level 4

Private Tutelage Option- Levels 4 and above

Venue:Jamie Natural, Box Hill North, Melbourne
Regular time to suit student
Semester:2 x 10-week semester, per level
Duration:Fortnightly, 2-hour lesson
Investment: $2600 per semester or $4950 for full-year fee

Vibrational Balancing Masters and Quantum Energetics

Customised: Please contact Jamie for course-design and details

Channeling and Automatic Writing Courses

Vibrational Balancing

Channeling and Automatic Writing Courses are taught in Box Hill North or online, by Donna Sue Robson. They are the foundation stones for energy studies and Vibrational Balancing at Jamie Natural.

The prime purpose of our channeling courses are to learn, explore and refine your channeling skills and automatic writing; and to better interpret spiritual language.

Channeling and Automatic Writing Level One

We recommend that Level One is taught as as 6 x 2-hour lessons conducted fortnightly at Box Hill North. For those living outside of Melbourne, all-day or half-day intensives can be considered. For international students, Zoom classes are offered.

Level One has structured methodology, so that you can channel and connect with your own spiritual ‘knowing’, and dispel common 'blocks' such as doubt, argument and fear. Mentoring provided throughout your course supports you to overcome personal obstacles or trip-ups. 

Further information
Private students can start at any time, just call us to organise your course details. If you would like to know more about Channeling and Automatic Writing, check out this review by Kirsty Bishop-Fox in Weekend Notes below.


Channeling and Automatic Writing 1

Course Option- Level 1

Prime Venue: Jamie Natural, Box Hill North, Melbourne
Regular time to suit student
Duration:6 x 2-hour lessons, fortnightly
Cost: $825.00 
Deposit: Full course fee must be made prior to course commencement. 
Intensive Option- Level 1

Prime Venue: Jamie Natural, Box Hill North, Melbourne
All-day private intensive; or 2 x half-days
Time: To suit student
Investment: $650 

Channeling and Applied Energetics 

Channeling and Applied Energetics (Level Two) develops skills developed in Channeling and Automatic Writing One, but are applied to the student's own interests, path or journey. These are customised courses. Digital learning options are offered. 

Channeling and Applied Energetics

Course Option- Level 2

Prime Venue: Jamie Natural, Box Hill North, Melbourne
2-hour lessons, fortnightly.
Deposit: Full course fee must be paid prior to course commencement.
A customised course, fees will be calculated as course content and student goals become known.       

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