Pet Care Range

Jamie Pet-Care Range- the real love story

Jamie Natural Health and Healing began with the pet-care range. This is the love story behind the label: as my dog, Jamie had ‘terminal’ liver cancer, it was vital to create a range of healing-support products that were entirely toxin-free and would work to boost his frequency and immune system.

The Jamie pet-care range addresses age-related conditions, such as arthritis, as well as day-to-day pet-care concerns such as flea and tick prevention and shampoos. Jamie pet-care products are all hand-made and because we add homoeopathic remedies, Bach Flower essences and Jamie vibrational essences, our products are not only natural but resonant energetically with your pet or best friend.

The Jamie range is created predominately for dogs and cats, although in the past, we have made individual remedies for horses (and even camels!). All of our products are all made to pet-care industry safety standards.

Wholesale Packages

Jamie Natural presents 2 wholesale options, the 6-pack and the 12-pack. The 6-pack gives you 6 x of all Jamie pet-care products except for the custom-made Dry Nose and Come For The Ride balms, and also includes 6 x Pet-Care Gift Packs. The 12-pack option simply gives you 12 pieces, of the same products. If you are interested in placing a wholesale order, please email so that we can organise the most cost-effective delivery system for you.