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Jamie –Who We Are

The Jamie story is one of love and commitment. Our healing path began over 20 years ago when Donna’s dog Jamie was diagnosed with a terminal liver cancer.  It is a privilege to be able to share Jamie’s Story with you and hope that this remarkable dog inspires your own healing journey too. Jamie, and this unique love story between Donna and her dog, remains the inspiration behind Jamie Natural Health and Healing, an energy-healing consultancy and boutique aromatherapy healing product label.

Energy-Healing Consultancy

Jamie Natural Health and Healing is the energy-healing consultancy of Donna Sue Robson. Since 2005 in Warburton, Victoria, Donna has pioneered a particular form of energy healing called Vibrational Balancing. Either as a one-on-one Healing session in Box Hill North or as a Distance Healing, Donna employs a range of energy-healing techniques that are based on her unique ability to access, understand and transform energy. These techniques are based on Donna’s highly refined channeling skills, as well as her natural compassion and commitment to helping you make profound life changes.

The Essence of Healing

All healing is inspired by love and driven by empathy. It works when there is established trust between practitioner and client; teacher and student; or even creator, manufacturer and consumer. Healing requires the willingness and courage to make lasting transformation. An energy healer works with you to help you manifest real change and healthy life outcomes.


Boutique Natural Healing Products

For almost 20 years, Donna has hand-created the all-natural product range, Jamie Natural Health and Healing. Jamie presents an extensive collection of more than 60 aromatherapy-based health, beauty and healing products. Our ranges include: skin-care, hair-care, men's care, babies and children, healing creams, oils and balms, perfumes, essential-oil synergies, massage oils, olive-oil soaps, pet-care and household. What makes Jamie products special is that we use practitioner-quality essential oils, natural bases and organic oils, homeopathic remedies, and of course, our own vibrational essences. Product knowledge, quality ingredients and our energy healing component affirms Jamie's commitment to making true healing products. 

All Jamie products are hand-made with TLC (tender loving care). We are happy to talk with you to better understand you and your life, and will add vibrational essences at no extra cost: we go the extra mile to customise your order.

Wholesale Packages and Delivery Options

Jamie Natural Health and Healing presents a range of wholesale packages from which to choose. All wholesale orders are made fresh to maximise shelf-life. Suggested wholesale packages can be found under the relevant range. When we receive your order, we will calculate the most cost-effective delivery option for you, the cost of which will be added to your order. Wholesalers are asked to send Jamie an email: we like to be able to develop sustainable relationships with all of our wholesalers. 


Tutorship, Courses and Workshops

Jamie has study options for those simply wanting to expand their knowledge, as well as for Light-workers and those wanting to become professional energy-healing practitioners. Jamie presents a range of private tutelage, courses and one-day workshop options to study Vibrational Balancing and energy healing in Australia, as well as an open-level intensive which runs in Bali every two years.  

Bali 2019 Intensive Courses

Vibrational Balancing is offered as a 10-day intensive course in Bedugul, North Bali. The Vibrational Balancing Intensive Course is an 'open' standard, meaning that we welcome students from Level One right up to Continuing Masters standard. The Intensive syllabus follows the Vibrational Balancing Course description but considers prior learning and what participants want to learn and are ready to embrace within the 10-day time period.

The Bali 2019 Intensive is offered to those who have either completed the 3-course pre-requisites (Channeling 1 and 2 and Vibrational Essences); or have enrolled in the Skill-Development-Bridging Course which precedes the major discipline study (2nd-4th August).

Together, the two courses run from 2nd-15th August 2019. We begin our studies in Ubud, and then travel to Bedugul for the 10-day intensive. You can opt to do just one course.  The group size is expected to be 6 persons and will never exceed 12 students.

Short courses and one-day workshops 

Jamie offers courses and one-day workshops for you to study the age-old spiritual and healing disciplines of channeling, aromatherapy, perfumery and vibrational essence-making. We also have a new pet-care course which combines natural healing and energy healing for pets; as well as Tango Communication, a dance-therapy program for singles and couples wanting to improve their communication skills.  If a date doesn't suit you can phone Donna to arrange alternatives.

Meditation and Earth-Healing

Every Solstice and Equinox, Donna delivers a crystal bowl, guided meditation on our Jamie Natural Health and Healing's YouTube channel. Voice-channeled, they are usually formatted in a way that assists your own growth and healing, and gently guides contribution to balance Earth energies. We invite you to join us. We create vibrational essences from all of our Earth Healings which add to our energy medicine library. 

Donna has fortnightly meditation classes at Jamie HQ in Box Hill North. It is a guided, channeled Crystal Bowl meditation, running from 7.30-8.30pm on Thursdays. The Jamie meditation-style is to activate consciousness through 3rd-eye visualisation. There is always facilitated discussion to aid memory retention and helps you to better understand spiritual language and implement guidance. 


A Global Commitment

Jamie Natural is dedicated to creating healing partnerships with organisations and individuals who have a global vision of healing and who are dedicated to real and long-term change.

It is with great excitement that we can now help to support The Global Village Foundation, Bali. Situated at Lovina Beach, in the north of Bali. The Foundation works tirelessly to improve the lives of those who, through poverty, are denied basic health care and access to education. Jamie will be donating 5% of all website retail sales from our Healing Range to assist their grassroots programs in Bali and East Java. You can read more about The Foundation and the ways in which Jamie hopes to be able to assist in our November Blog.

Jamie looks forward to arranging other support-programs with international not-for-profits through product sales. 





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