A Healing Commitment Is Global November 20, 2016 01:30

Jamie Joins the Global Village

Jamie Natural Health and Healing believes in supporting those who are committed to change across the world, and who make a difference to the lives of individuals and their families. On a recent trip to Lovina Beach Bali, the work and devotion of the team at Global Village Kafe inspired me. This cafe (which is a great cafe!) is the public front of Global Village Foundation that works in a hands-on way with people who do not have the means to access basic health-care and education services. Global Village Foundation do not just 'fund': they stay in people's lives for the long-term, recognising that committed support is necessary for long-term change. More than making a life commitment to one person, their 1-1 personal commitments impacts on families and villages, and in this way, help to propel systemic change in Bali and East Java. 

'I dream of the day when this sign is at every airport in the world', Andy Bracey, Global Village Foundation, Bali.

Generally, The Global Village Foundation support people who have health issues and genetic diseases that prevent them from receiving an education or being accepted into mainstream society. Without education, prospects for sheer survival is slim: economic-social inclusion is a near impossibility. The Foundation also care for people with severe disabilities who again need fundamental services and resources that their families simply cannot afford. Already living in poverty, lack of sanitation and resources can complicate and worsen their health prognosis and life prospects. 

Global Village's response to these problems is very hands-on: often the Foundation has funded new bathrooms and kitchens that improve health and substantially lightens the care-workload of families. Sometimes, Global Village buys wheelchairs which improves disability-access within family homes, organises medical services or supplies, and in cases where disease has made school attendance impossible for young people, they fund ongoing home-based education services.

Global Village Kafe is described as a 'social business' primarily in existence to support and fund the work of Global Village Foundation. This dedicated group of humanitarians provide sanitation infrastructures as well as health and education services to those living in poverty.

 The work of The Global Village Foundation at Lovina Beach is only the beginning: they hope to be able to set up a similar cafes to support humanitarian out-reach programs in other places of Indonesia such as Sumatra. 

Jamie Natural- How We Can Help

Jamie Natural will donate 5% of website retail sales of our Healing Product Range, to The Global Village Foundation. Money will be transferred and directed to the Foundation when proceeds tip $100 in an attempt to keep small funds, rolling in. We hope to be able to extend our support over time, especially as Jamie commits to conducting our healing intensive courses in North Bali from September 2017. You can access our Healing Range and place an order, knowing that your purchase is contributing to create healing opportunities for others. 

Jamie Natural will be donating 5% of our retail product sales from our healing range bought on the website, to support the Foundation's great work. Jamie believes in supporting those who have a global healing vision. 

 Small ways that we can all help

We are all part of the global village and can all help in small ways, or ways in which our own resources allow. If you are in Lovina Beach, Bali, please drop into the Global Village Kafe: retail purchases support local artisan communities and farmers and cafe sales help to fund the Foundation's important social welfare work. Already on the Jamie website, you probably love essential oils and appreciate natural herbs or natural spices: I can recommend the essential oils that Global Kafe sell. Not only are their oils of high-grade quality but they stock oils that are hard to get, such as chocolate, vanilla and opium. Also have a look at their single-packaged selection of herbs and spices underneath the portrait of Che Guevara - you shouldn't have a problem bringing them home if you declare them. Prices of essential oils and fresh herbs and spices are extremely cost-effective so buying them from Global will not only save you a lot of money, but you will be supporting primary producers and the humanitarian work of the Foundation.

I would personally like to thank Andy, Jonah and the team from Global Village for accepting Jamie as supporter of their humanitarian work.

'May compassion itself be our new global currency', Donna Robson, Jamie Natural Health and Healing.

For more information Global Village Kafe and Foundation is featured in Weekend Notes and please look up Global Village Foundation, Bali on Facebook for full and updated news of their work. 


Next year, Jamie will conduct Vibrational Balancing Intensive Courses in Bali. We hope that our association with Global Village Foundation is just the start of our collaboration with other healers and team-players in our global village.