Zoom Meditation October 5, 2020 15:23

Every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month, Jamie presents an online crystal bowl meditation session. It is a channeled, guided meditation with a live crystal bowl soundscape. 

The sessions usually start with a brief chat about how participants are feeling, and patterns are always revealed. Donna uses this as the 'intent' to create a relaxing healing-meditation that simulates the 3rd Eye and heightens chakra-intelligence. 

The themes for the remainder of 2020 are:

- Expanding and developing focus.

- Managing change and powering transformation.

- Understanding your own archetypes and bringing in the new.  

'Zoom format' presents a couple of changes to the way Jamie meditations are delivered. We ask that you mute yourselves after the group 'key word' discussion. This is vital to cut out all background noise for participants. Please enter the class 5 minutes before, so that we can start at 7.30pm and no-one is disturbed by late entry. We will not admit you after the start time. 

Registrations by email are essential. Zoom invites and links will be sent to your email address provided. You can pay online (see button below). Per class the fee is $10, or you can purchase a 5-class card that can be used flexibly. Sessions are recorded and sent to paid participants upon request. We ask that you do not share these recordings. 

If you find a meditation particularly helpful, you can also purchase the vibrational essence made from the session. Proceeds of Jamie's meditation essences are donated to Global Village Foundation, Bali. 

Our first Zoom Meditation is 7.30-8.30pm AEST, on 24th September 2020. It you would like to see more of Donna's meditation guidance and style, check out our Earth-healing meditations on Jamie Natural Health and Healing's YouTube channel. 2019 recordings have also been noted in previous Blogs. 

We hope to be able to transform the difficulties presented by COVID-19 into positives, and use it as an opportunity to share the gift of Healing, globally.

Please join us. 

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