Healing Range

Healing Range

The Cutting Edge

All Jamie products use natural bases, practitioner-quality essential oils and herbal-infused oils. Jamie does not skimp on essential oils- our products have a high percentage of active ingredient because we believe in the healing power of essential oils; take pride in the aromas that we create; and want to give you value for money.

Jamie's Healing Range is celebrated as 'cutting edge' because our products are not just all-natural and home-made: they are energetic products that may include homoeopathic remedies and Jamie's original vibrational essences. Energy medicines such as our original essences are living essences, meaning that they continually evolve to maintain resonance.

 Balms and Creams

Jamie balms and creams are perhaps our most sought-after products. They are made fresh and address such conditions as: adverse skin reactions such as eczema (Natural Skin-Care Balm); muscle or joint ache, pains and injuries (Loosen Up); lip soreness and dryness (Tingle); as well as foot and fungal, viral and bacterial conditions (Put Your Foot In It). Jamie also creates a hand-repair cream with strong healing qualities, simply called Beauty. All of our creams and balms boost health and put your body in the best position to recover. 

Body Lotions

Jamie's three body lotions all nurture, have a strong floral tone and are known for their luscious, velvet texture. However, they have quite different healing purposes. 

Jamie's  quintessential Lavender Body Lotion is for an all-over body de-stress; Arnica & Ylang Ylang soothes body soreness; and the green-musk fragrance of Sandalwood & Elm addresses anxieties and settles sleep disturbance. We encourage you to choose the body lotion that feels right for you.

The Nature of Healing Oils

Jamie Healing Body Oils have been created for a particular healing purpose which their names and product descriptions evoke. Venus, for example, has been specially formulated to settle hormonal fluctuations, be it period pain and menstrual irritability or the symptoms associated with peri-menopause or menopause such as hot flashes and night sweats.

Jamie healing oils are more complex than Jamie massage oils, and are for that reason are more expensive. They have herbal-infused oils, essences and very intricate or complex essential-oil synergies. If you just want a oil for massage, we direct you to Massage Oils and our massage oil gift pack suggestions.

With the exception of Jamie's Skin-Support Blend Healing Oil, all of our healing oils have a sweet almond oil base. We include wheat germ oil as a natural preservative, so if you have a sensitivity to this oil, please let us know so that we can customise your order.  

Gift Packs

Jamie recommends a healing gift pack such as Women's Healing Gift Pack or Women's Indulgence Gift Pack to introduce you to the physical and emotional improvements that Jamie products create. Our use of energy medicines and essential oils is not to simply 'feel-good'; as you use our products daily or make them a part of your lifestyle, they raise your frequency or immune system so that you can better cope with life and enjoy its many challenges.

Jamie Natural is pleased to be able to donate 5% of  all retail website sales from this Healing Range to The Global Village Foundation, Bali.