Hand-Created Essential Oil Synergies

Hand-Created Essential Oil

Jamie Essential Oil Blends

Jamie has made essential oil synergies an art form and those of you who visited our clinic in Warburton (2003-6) may recognise an old favourite in our online store. We work energetically to create our blends: starting from an intention and matching that intention with the energy of the oils and blends. It gives us the opportunity to create very unique combinations that truly resonate with your own heart and journey of self-discovery.

The Best of Warburton Days

The Best of Warburton Days is a collection of our most popular blends, all of which have been developed with specific healing intentions: 'partnership choice and connection' (Hypnotic), 'karmic-soul connection' (Raj), 'balance and joy' (Balance), 'letting go and tension-release' (Waterfall) and 'mending a broken heart' (Dimension). All of these blends create powerful spiritual shifts and are harmonically balanced, nurturing and full-bodied.

Wonders of the Ancient World

This range follows an ‘ancient world’ theme which was again shop-fronted in our Warburton clinic (also highlighted in our soaps, exfolients and home-made perfumes). This small selection are the fragrance that we consider to be the most unique and which successfully re-ignited memories of the great healing civilizations of Egypt, Tibet, Greece, India-Pakistan and Peru. Wonders of The Ancient World  'bottles' those ancient energies and rich aromas for you to 're-enjoy' in the 21st Century.

Scents and Seasons of Melbourne

Scents and Seasons of Melbourne were created to hero each season in Melbourne and celebrate our city’s flora, food, culture and history. As a more inexpensive range, some fragrant oils* have been used to best evoke the full array of garden and food influences of modern urban life. Melbourne is a city that can experience 'four seasons in one day', so we recommend 'splashing out' and getting the whole range to really make the most of Spring, Summer, Winter and Autumn.

Customised Blends and Service

Jamie can use these blends to create other healing products such as a massage oil, body lotion or even an after-shave spray or lotion. Please tell us what you would like by emailing info@jamienatural.com.  Some blends and products, e.g., Waterfall, were commissioned by other businesses: we proudly offer customised brand development to corporations, small businesses, event managers and individual customers. Please contact Jamie to discuss your needs.

Working with Essential Oils- Workshops

Jamie offers a full-day workshop where you can learn the art of vibrational aromatherapy. You will learn energy-matching techniques to create customised scents, signature blends and products for yourself and loved ones. See Courses and Workshops for more information.