Wisdom Facial Toner


Wisdom has been especially created for dry or mature skin-types (40-60+); as well as older women whose hormonal cycle may be changing or affected by peri-menopause or menopausal symptoms.

Wisdom boosts skin that needs hydration, care; and helps women receive emotional nurture. Women always need nourishment, care and attention, whatever age or circumstance: Wisdom is graced- yes graced- with the loving aroma of the romantic Rose.

If you are affected by grief, shock, or are suffering from menopause or its varied symptoms, please let us know because we can add customised vibrational essences to Wisdom. It will come as no surprise to women to learn that peri-menopause or menopausal symptoms and stages are often preceded by emotional shock or trauma. Jamie recognises this, and as well as the essential oils already in Wisdom,  additional vibrational essences can help to balance emotional pressure and stress, that inevitably impact upon your hormones and skin condition and temperature. Working through everyday skin-care items is a very simple and non-nonsense approach to all-over health balance for women.  Just let us know if you are interested in extra care with an email accompanying your Wisdom purchase order. 

Wisdom is most compatible with Eva, Olivia and Katerina moisturisers and Rose Quartz or Jade clay-cleansing bars.

For a full and daily self-nurture treatment, we recommend the Women's Skin-Care Pack, which has a facial clay-cleansing bar, Wisdom toner, moisturiser and facial spray. Please specify your product preferences in your order. 


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