Spring Equinox Earth Healing-Meditation September 23, 2015 00:30

Resolution and 'Luck'

Crystal-bowl Guided Meditation @ Jamie Natural Health and Healing 19-9-15

Imagine yourself surrounded by people whom you love, in a lush, fertile green environment of your choice. It is 'humming' with a love vibration, or a feeling of belonging, a feeling of tenderness. As you look around there are people - many people whom you do not 'know' as such, but whom you recognise as those whom you once knew, or there are those who exude such a warm familiarity that you feel comfortable that one day, you will know them too.

Everyone belongs here. Those who are meant to be here, are here with you now.

Some have a greater familiarity or even intimacy between themselves. Some are holding hands. Some are mucking around, being silly and others are playing with children. There are dogs, cats, even a wombat and a parrot. It's all happening. It's all happening as it should be happening. So just let it unfold for a moment and watch how life connects and how life is inter-related.

Connection is obvious. It is a natural occurance when everything is as it should be, and people, family, friends and 'strangers share space and are comfortable in a shared space. When nature (for we are all nature) shares space  life 'talks' and life grows. In this space, relationships grow.


Let your mind drift back to a time when 'space' was stagnant or energy or people in that space were not connected. No relationship can grow here: it is stagnant.

Change that space with the Spring light of which you were just a part.

Change that space with a Spring smell of which you were just a part.

Change that space with that 'humming' vibration that you felt earlier when you were surrounded with people, friends and animals from whom you felt love and belonging.

Watch or feel that 'buzz' change the space from a time in your life that was once stagnant.

This is what is called 'planting a seed' and why Spring is the time for planting. Go back in time -many times-and just be taken to those times - when seeds needed to have been planted. Watch those seeds grow and change, become trees, create legacies, new beginnings and even relationships. If no seed was planted at those times, change is stagnated and may not have been able to happen.

So go back to those times- to those difficult times or dormant times, and plant seeds now.

It may be a time of grieving.

It may be a time of endings.

It may be a time of emigration, migration or re-location.

They may be relationship endings.

It may be the death of a loved one.

A job loss.

An argument.

A feeling of being alone.

A feeling of rejection.





Feelings of failure, distress, isolation or even chaos.

Feelings of hurt or when you simply felt abandoned- by love, family, or even by the Universe.

A time when you felt that you had been forgotten.

You are not going back to these times to create 'action' or 'move on'- you are simply being asked to 'plant' the 'buzz' at the time when you experienced those feelings. The 'buzz' represents the sensation of knowing that you were 'in the right place' and people were somehow around you who loved you and would support you through life. You are planting a seed.

Plant the 'buzz'. Watch it grow and begin to create its own music.


The feeling of Spring does not only come 'once a year'; and it is not the only time of year to plant seeds. Experiencing seasons and Spring Equinox, is to feel and begin to know how to use growth energy- anytime you need it. 

Spring energy is always at your disposal, and you can plant seeds and watch them grow- knowing that you belong and are where you are meant to be- at any time - and any time of the year. Never be a 'victim' to the energies around you: recognise the energy that you need- use it, transplant it, and create growth, familiarity, recognition and the love that you need- all the time.


Listen to that 'buzz' again now that you are accustomed to it: know its vibration well because now we are going into the future and use it it ease into change and to process or move blocks that you, a loved one, or even your community may find challenging.

You know from your original vision that people and energies will appear for you when you need them, at the right time and place. You may not recognise them immediately, but they are there, and you can use and have faith in that growth energy, which helps you to flow, resolve and ease through life. This is the nature of life. It is the way we connect. It is the way life connects- through us- through each other- and throughout time.


We have pinpointed certain dates and timelines which, for someone and for some reason, needs to have 'Spring' energy transplanted to create growth. Some dates may resonate with you, and others may not- but you may also choose to help or act on behalf of someone else. Plant a seed, or plant the 'buzz' to help someone else them through a difficult or troubled time.

You may choose to help out:

a mother

a father

a partner

a child

a pet

a friend

a neighbour

a family gathering

a grandchild

a nephew

an ex-partner

a city

a town


or even the Earth itself.

Spring Equinox energy is powerful and vibrant: just 'plant the buzz' or watch key elements of your original vision surround the time, or person that you have chosen to help. Stay with them, or stay in that place and time and watch the re-balance; re-group or even the transformation.


We begin the time-Earth Healing now- plant the 'buzz' and watch the growth.

November 1st 2015

November 16th 2015

December 11th 2015

December 16th 2015

January 11th 2016

March 11th 2016

May 12th 2016

June 14th 2016

July 2nd 2016

August 26th 2016

September 1-14th 2016

September 17th 2016

November 18th 2016

December 23rd 2016

January 26th 2017

January 17th 2018

March 2-24th 2019

April (Easter) 2019

August 2019

September 2021

October 2014-2022

November 2018-2024

December 1st-4th 2028


We will now focus now on specific time-place co-incidences; again, just plant 'the buzz' or seeds. Watch those seeds or vibration grow and move stagnant energies.

Taiwan, January 2011-2018

Philippines, December 1-3rd, 2018

Haiti, 2011-2016

New Zealand (South Island), 2006-2016

Kenya, October 2018

Melbourne CBD, October 2012-Oct 2016


Time-Place Localisation

Now focus on your own home, neighbourhood or immediate family or work community. You can choose to look at all of these, in which case just 'intend' by saying to yourself, 'my community' and let it flow.

Take the 'buzz' and surrounding love energy and once again, encompass your own space with that buzz,light, smell or energy.

As you do that, go back and forward in time within your own community: the stagnant energy you first pinpoint may not be coming from where you first experience it. You may need to find the 'the source' of that stagnation, and plant your Spring seeds at the source. It may even be at an event or with a person. Drop the seed, watch it grow, and watch your community change, and grow because of the planting of that seed.

This is a Spring Equinox 'cleansing' energy- and 'cleansing' is not 'getting rid of' something, because then you are only moving it on or transporting the problem; instead, it is about 'planting the right buzz' at the source so that the stagnation is cleared and a entirely new energy be created in its place.

Focus on 'my community' and clear the energy with your 'buzz' which may simply be a feeling of belonging, familiarity or growth.

Again, watch as your community grows, clears and transforms.

Place yourself now, in your community and become part of that growth. You belong. You are surrounded by love, familiarity and recognition. You are where you should be. You know where you have been and where you have come from. You know how you have grown and why change has occurred. You know where you are going and you know that you will be supported along the way.


Belonging and Grounding

Feel the Earth beneath you, feel the sun's light on your skin; stand and stretch if you want to- feel the connection to the Earth and enjoy the feeling of Spring.



Spring Equinox Vibrational Essence: 'Making Your Own Luck'

This establishes links and connections so that support and support structures get you through tough times and nurture growth through life. 'Luck' is simply 'connection' that is not by chance, but part of Universal soul-exchange. Your lucky numbers come through-enjoy the rewards.