Natural Care and Energetic Healing for Pets 1- New Workshop! May 31, 2016 22:37



The focus of this workshop is to teach you how to address some pet and animal ailments and conditions, naturally and by yourself. The natural therapies component focuses on: herbalism; food as medicine; and essential oils; and includes a practical session in which you will hand-create two products for your own furry friend. In the afternoon, we explore the field of energy healing and teach rudimentary healing techniques from the Vibrational Balancing syllabus. This is designed to increase your awareness of and telepathic communication with your pet and most importantly, settle disturbances before they explode into major health issues.

Jamie knows that pets and pet-owners already have a very strong connection and naturally understand non-verbal communication and what ‘energy’ actually is.  This workshop gives you both theoretical information to build your knowledge-base, and teaches you profound healing techniques that strengthens pet-owner bonds and improve the health and life of your fur babies.

Morning Session- Natural Care

The morning session focuses on natural pet-care, which is essentially looking at the more physical or material health issues of your pet. In addition, we address how your pet’s needs changes over their lifetime and the care that you provide needs to change too.  

We focus on:

  • Food as medicine; diet and nutrition
  • Herbs and herbal-based supplements
  • Essential oils and how to use them for pet-care

Practical Session

We will then create two custom-made products using essential oils and natural bases:

  1. Basic oil, lotion or oil-based product for skin irritations
  2. Basic oil, lotion or oil-based product for muscle ache, pain or injury


Afternoon Session- Energetic Healing

We will address the types of energy healing therapies available and their suitability for pet-care over your pet’s lifetime. In this workshop, the healing modality taught is Vibrational Balancing which has been pioneered and developed by Jamie Natural.  You will learn:

  • Auric balancing- this is important if your pet is displaying agitation or other forms of stress and anxiety
  • Chakra balancing- this is important for overall health and balance and may go towards settling obsessive behaviours (e.g., barking, over-protection, spraying for cats, chewing)

One of the most important aspects of pet-care is to understand the very nature of the human-pet connection and how our behaviour impacts upon them. This has great implications for natural care and energy healing for pets, as often times, it is not the pet we are treating- it is their human friend and the issues in their lives which a pet intuits, attempts to hold or even shift for them. In this workshop you will be taught: 

  • Basic ‘scanning’ and ‘intuit-techniques’ to determine exactly what the problem is and how best to clear and to balance those issues.
  • Working with sound waves to understand what is going on, what they are telling you and how to change their energy, thoughts, behaviours or disturbances.

Practical Session

Most of the Energy Healing part of the workshop is practical and we will work my own dogs to learn the basics. In addition we will also create a custom-made vibrational essence that you will take home with you to kick-start your own energy-medicine cabinet.

  • To make a vibrational essence (similar to Bach flower remedies) you will need to bring a photo OR a small hair sample of your pet or animal to whom you are directing your healing efforts.

What you need to bring

  • An exercise book and working materials.
  • Photo of your pet/s and/or a small hair sample

For this workshop all refreshments will be vegetarian and are price-inclusive. Please tell us if you have any other special dietary requirements.

Workshop Details

Address:                              67 Cave Hill Rd Lilydale, Melbourne                       

Date:                                   Sunday September 25th

Time/Duration:                    9.30am- 5pm                                     

Group Size:                         4 persons

Financial Investment:          $350 for full-day workshop

                                           All workshop supplies and refreshments are included.

To make a booking, go to Catalogue, Vibrational Balancing, Workshops or call Donna to book you place and organise payment.



Natural Care and Energetic Healing for Pets 2 is planned for Sunday 6th and 27th November and will further detail and develop themes studied in Pet Care 1. You need to let us know if you are interested or book at the end of Natural Care and Energetic Healing for Pets 1. Places can only be held once full payment has been received.



10% of sales of any Jamie product (see ‘pet-care range’ under catalogue) from this workshop will be donated to a Rescue organisation of the group’s choice. If all members of a single workshop come from the same group, then a discount, or donation to that group may apply. Workshops can also be tailored to the needs of breed-specific or rescue groups. We can also run extra dates and workshops at the request of pet-care or animal groups (we need 4 participants to run a workshop). We would also be delighted to speak at any conferences or rescue organisation training session- please phone Donna to discuss your project idea.