Crystal Bowl Meditation Classes October 3, 2017 21:40

Every Thursday Fortnight, 7.80-8.30pm

By Donna Sue Robson in Box Hill North


Donna Sue Robson from Jamie Natural Health and Healing offers voice-channeled, crystal-bowl meditation classes at Jamie HQ (Box Hill North) every Thursday fortnight, starting April 26th 2018. It is a guided meditation that activates and expands the 3rd Eye. This style of guided meditation is powerful because of the vibrancy of the crystal bowls (live-sound) and because it is specifically channeled for those who choose to come.

Every class is different, although the intent is consistent: to improve mindfulness through conscious awareness and to help you to interpret spiritual guidance. Donna facilitates discussion to help you to remember and to learn from your meditation experience. 

'There are many styles of meditation. The Jamie style is pretty simple- there are no rules. Everyone is free to experience energy and participate in a way that makes them feel connected and comfortable.'  Donna Sue Robson

Donna plays four crystal bowls to channel appropriate meditations. The bowls create an alpha-sound wave ambience that assists your meditation experience. Chakra-tuned and and made at Nasa, the quartz crystal bowls add crystal healing energy to the mix which helps you to transform energy, receive visual download and even activate dormant DNA strands. All of this means that the crystal bowls are an important part of the unique Jamie-meditation class mix, to align mind-body through a state of relaxation. From relaxation, you can safely explore subconscious knowledge and messages which help you to navigate daily life. To raise your frequency or vibration is one of the key goals of meditation. This is 'mindfulness', or very simply, empowered self-awareness. 

At the beginning of the class, Donna talks to the participants about the 'week that was' or 'to get a feel for' challenges that need to be addressed, blocks that need to be moved, and opportunities that are ready to be created. Then a guided meditation is voice-channeled so that each class is participant-focused and relevant to daily lives. 

'I describe this style of meditation as 'mindful meditation'. 'Mindfulness' is a bit of a buzz word but essentially it means 'awareness without judgement'. My intention is not to empty the mind with 'complete no-thought or stillness' but rather, to make conscious that which is subconscious. Jamie meditation classes are 'conscious meditations', designed to raise your consciousness, awareness and vibration.'  Donna Sue Robson

Healing meditations may also led and channeled, simply when circumstances call for it and when we can unite as a class to deliver healing energy. For example, on Friday 20th January in 2017, Jamie's weekly meditation classes at Jingspace, (Lilydale) focused on sending healing energy to central Melbourne, whose streets and people were so tragically affected by the Bourke Street Carnage. Casual class payments were donated to the cause-relief fund organised by the Victorian Government. Jamie believes that being able to focus meditation and energy on the 'big picture' also helps participants to understand how energy works and to feel empowered in a world that can often feel overwhelming. 


Thursday Night Class Details

Dates:Starts Thursday 26th April and continues through 2018

Time: 7.30pm-8.30pm

Frequency: Fortnightly

Cost: A pre-paid 4-session-card at $60

Venue: Jamie Natural Health and Healing, 8 Tweedie Court Box Hill North

Other: You can purchase your 4-session-card by following this link.  


Jamie has been running meditation classes for over a decade

Donna Sue Robson is an experienced meditation teacher, class facilitator and voice-channel, using her skills as a Vibrational Balancing practitioner and counsellor in each and every class. Jamie's voice-channeled, guided meditation classes for children, teenagers and adults have been operating in the Yarra Valley for over 14 years: at the Jamie Healing Centre in Warburton; Jingspace at Jing HealthCare Lilydale; and at Jamie's own home-base in Lilydale. Last year, Donna also offered regular classes and Solstice Healings in Kew. We are super-excited to be able to offer new, fortnightly crystal bowl meditation classes at our new centre in Box Hill North. 


Healing-Meditation Events- The Big Picture

Donna has been delivering crystal bowl, voice-channelled meditation-healing events since 2003. Her work began in Warburton, where locals and Melbourne visitors united along the banks of the Yarra, at our clinic, or even on the top of Mt Donna Buang to meditate and 'to bring through' new energies every equinox and solstice. In 2018, these sacred-earth event healing-meditations are to be held in Box Hill North.

'This year's Spring Equinox meditation addressed 'themes of 'physical exhaustion' and changes in family life that affected so many people. The participants themselves set these themes and it's my job, to bring it through and deliver healing solutions at both the micro- and macro-level.' Donna Sue Robson

Jamie meditation classes and our special healing-meditation events are posted and regularly updated on the Jamie FB page

Thanks to Kirsty Bishop-Fox and Dimmy Hall for these photos.