Tune into Jamie's Solstice Earth-Healing Meditation on YouTube December 22, 2018 21:15

Earth-Healing Meditations, held every Solstice and Equinox, can now be viewed and enjoyed on Jamie Natural Health and Healing's own YouTube channel.

Our first YouTube guided meditation is Solstice Earth-Healing Meditation, which celebrates the 2018 end-of-year Summer (southern hemisphere) or Winter (northern hemisphere) Solstice. The theme is 'connection with nature' and takes you through steps to help you to balance giving and receiving, and be able to expand your positive energy at this sacred time. Jamie meditations are voice-channeled by Donna Sue Robson, and the powerful tones of crystal bowls are interwoven throughout the session. 

It is part of our ongoing commitment to Earth Healing, and to continually expand our range of energy medicines, that we 'bottle' each meditation. These are called vibrational essences. The essence created from this Solstice Earth-Healing Meditation can be purchased from our online catalogue. A 15mL stock essence is $25 which includes postage world-wide.

We hope that you enjoy Jamie's first meditation, and will tune into many more of our special channeled meditations and energy healing seminars in 2019. 

Thanks to Georg Zielke Design for video design, production and technical wizardry! Pic courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons, Crystal Bowls.