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Is 'communication' an issue in your relationship?

Tango Communication, presented by Jamie Natural and Momentos, is a course primarily for couples and partners who want to improve the way they communicate in order to get the most out of their relationship.

Tango Communication is a carefully designed program, in the format of 3 x 2 hour workshops, where communication patterns are revealed, understood and improved as couples learn the Argentine Tango. As an energy healer, Donna is uniquely equipped to be able to deconstruct patterns, and to work with you- as a couple within the safety net of a small social group- to overturn communication blocks and subconscious habits that may be impeding on your partnership connection and growth.

In addition to using energy-healing skills and Tango-dance instruction, Donna will also draw upon lessons learned in martial arts and improvised theatre to help you to clearly see the effect of blocking, defensiveness, undermining, blame-shifting and other forms of controlling, competitive or even combative behaviour. The scope of this course goes way beyond 'issue recognition': you will learn how to use Tango principles to improve communication in your relationship - and enjoy the Argentine Tango - the most sensual of all partner dances that has truly stood the test of time. 


Tango dancers will also benefit

If you or your partner have already begun to dance Tango, the Tango instruction in this course starts from the basics but offers plenty of scope for revelation from personalised, highly focussed attention on the way you are communicating rather than the mere steps you are taking. It is not a course that just teaches you forms and sequences: through disciplined and expert understanding of energy and hidden messages and intent, Donna helps you to gain insights as to how you can better implement the lessons of Tango - off the dance floor. Tango Communication is a carefully constructed 'tool box' to enable you to apply the partner principles of Argentine Tango in the real world. It is a course that broadens and deepens the level and array of your partner communication skills and helps you to sustain and grow partnership-connection outside the safety constraints of the Tanda.

Singles can Join Us

Even though this course has been primarily designed for couples and partners, singles are invited to join as we can organise a stand-in partner with whom you can work so that you really get the full value from your workshop experience. Singles will benefit by seeing how instinctive reactions or subconscious habits may have been a factor in past relationship breakdowns, or even in current relationship inertia or avoidance.


Check out this Review

For an objective description of Tango Communication, or to consider custom-designed workshops for special interest groups or even private tuition, check out this review by Kirsty Bishop-Fox published on Weekend Notes https://www.weekendnotes.com/tango-communication-jamie-natural-health-and-healing/.

October-November 2017 Workshop Details

3 x 2 hour workshops, 3-5pm on Sunday October 29th and November 5th and 12th @ Jing Space, 212 Main Street Lilydale. The cost is $300 for couples and $180 for singles. This cost is for the 3 workshops, which are designed as a complete unit. 

2018 Workshop Details

2018 dates will be finalised by the end of November 2017. These workshops will be conducted at Jamie Natural, in Box Hill North.

Private Classes

If you would prefer, private classes can be organised, which will again be conducted in Box Hill North. Private classes are $120 per hour and a half  for singles and $140 for a couple or pair. The scheduling, frequency and format of private classes can be worked out with Donna. 

Other Centres

Tango Communication can be taught at other healing centres, community centres, dance schools or workplaces at later dates. Please contact Donna from Jamie to discuss off-site possibilities.


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