Jamie Natural Health & Healing

Our Story

The Jamie story is a love story. Our healing path began over 20 years ago when Donna’s dog Jamie was diagnosed with a terminal liver cancer.  Jamie’s Story remains the inspiration behind Jamie Natural Health and Healing, an energy-healing consultancy and centre for boutique healing products.

Energy-Healing Consultancy

Jamie Natural Health and Healing is the energy-healing consultancy of Donna Sue Robson. Donna pioneered a particular form of energy healing called Vibrational Balancing and has been in practice for almost 15 years.  Donna uses a range of energy-healing techniques that are based on her unique abilities to access, understand and to transform energy. Vibrational Balancing sessions may be experienced as one-on-one sessions in Box Hill North, Melbourne, or as Distance Healings if you are interstate or overseas. 

Natural Healing Products

Jamie Natural Health and Healing is also a hand-created product range that uses essential oils, homeopathics, vibrational essences and all-natural bases. We make: skin-care, hair-care, products for babies and children, healing products, natural perfumes and colognes, essential-oil synergies and olive-oil soaps. Jamie also has a pet-care range and household cleaning products. High-quality ingredients and our energy healing components result in high-frequency, natural healing products. 

Courses and Workshops

Donna teaches a range of skill-development workshops, channeling and automatic writing courses, as well as practitioner courses in Vibrational Balancing and Quantum Energetics. Jamie offers flexible study options to suit your needs and circumstances. 

From September 24th 2020, Jamie will be presenting fortnightly, Zoom meditation classes. More details are available in our September Blog. 

Healing is a Global Commitment

It is our privilege to support The Global Village Foundation, in the north of Bali. The Foundation works tirelessly to improve the lives of those who are denied basic health care and access to education. Jamie donates 5% of website sales from our Healing Range to assist grassroots programs in Bali and East Java.