Healing Skin Care

About Jamie products

Jamie products carry the by-line ‘Handmade with TLC’ because tender loving care goes into each and every hand-created product. 

Jamie products are all-natural and we insist on practitioner-quality essential oils, herbal-infused oils, vegetable oils and toxic-free bases. In addition, as part of an energy-healing consultancy with a library of over 4,000 original Jamie vibrational essences, we can go the extra mile to make our natural products, energy-healing products. Jamie recipes and products are the original work of Donna Sue Robson, are Australian-made and are not tested on animals.

In general, Jamie products have a shelf-life or longevity of 12 months, and are preserved with natural products as well as non-transparent glassware packaging. 

Energy medicines within our products

Vibrational essences, which are energy medicines created along the same lines as Bach Flower essences and homoeopathic remedies, can be added to any Jamie product on request (excluding olive oil soaps and clay-cleansing bars). That means each product that you order resonates with you. There is no extra cost for this unique and specialised service. We offer it because we care enough to balance energy, hormones and emotions, in the most unobtrusive and health-restorative way possible.

Vibrational essences are included within each Vibrational Balancing consultation session but can also be ordered as a separate item. They are effective supports when circumstances change, or when energy shifts happen and you simply need support. See Vibrational Balancing, under Catalogue.