Vibrational Balancing

Vibrational Balancing

Vibrational Balancing- Energy Healing

Vibrational Balancing is a type of energy healing known for its depth and detailed information. It is set-up a little differently from other styles of energy healing, in that I work in the language of energy itself- sacred geometry and mathematical codes. This pure 'Universal' or 'language of energy' grants greater access to deep, often complex causes, and can also be used to create new codes that are required for real and lasting progress.

After accessing and recording all of those codes, I translate them into English so that you know what is going on. This type of information hastens the healing process because energetic shifts become conscious.     

Why choose Vibrational Balancing?

Major events are turning points that when addressed, can become powerful tools for progress and satisfaction. Vibrational Balancing can help you to work through times of acute or even dramatic change; or move through static blocks when change is desired. 

People generally come for a Vibrational Balancing Healing session to: 

  • Resolve family and relationships issues.
  • Discover new ‘paths’, particularly when at a crossroads.
  • Re-frame current situations to accelerate progress.
  • Address and heal physical injuries, diseases and disorders. 
  • Shift long-held patterns and cycles that hold you back.  
  • Settle emotional problems and scarring.
  • Resolve turmoil and trauma.
  • Attune Soul path.
  • Sessions for pets and animals.
  • Land and space clearings. 

The Approach

A variety of modalities are used in Vibrational Balancing which vary session-to-session and client-to-client. Everything is channeled, as Universal guidance is key to uncovering causes that can become complicated over time. Vibrational Balancing uses energy-healing modalities and refined channeling skills to find solutions that resonate with you, your life and Soul path. 

What to Expect from your Session

When you come for a session, we have a chat over a cup of tea. I listen to your story and discuss your aims and objectives. Then, I channel  'a Healing Intent' which gives 'The Universe' the opportunity to re-frame your story in a way that leads to real solutions. After reading that back to you and confirming that we are 'on the same page', I channel 'the Healing Program' which are the steps required to achieve that our Healing Intent.

You are then invited to rest on the massage table while I access and record codes and information. We talk throughout this process: you will find that as we 'talk out the energy' you gain insights and can more easily let go of the old stuff go and become ready to embrace the new. I guide you through light meditations that assist the energy integration process.  

Your Healing is 'bottled' or transformed into a Vibrational Essence, which you take home with you. Taking the essence allows you to let the energy do the work for you.   

Vibrational Balancing sessions are 2-hours in duration, and on request, I will record the full transcript at the end of the session on your smart phone. You are given the full written and illustrated session record to take home. 

Distance Healings 

The format of Vibrational Balancing Distance Healings differs slightly.  First, we arrange an initial What's Ap video chat to discuss your story and the issues that you want to settle.  After that briefing, I schedule your session which usually happens over a week (rather than being completed in a single 2-hour time-frame). When completed, I video-record the transcript to you and email it to you via a Dropbox link, which gives you something to go on while you wait for post delivery of the full, original transcript and vibrational essence. After you have taken the essence for at least 14 days, we then organise another video link to talk about progress, insights and results. 


Vibrational Essences

A 25mL vibrational essence is included in the Vibrational Balancing session. However, you can order a vibrational essence, without a Healing, if you need extra support in periods of change or uncertainty. You may just want to expand horizons and raise your frequency.

Vibrational essences not created from a customised Healing, are composites made from our 4,000-strong vibrational essence library. Jamie's vibrational essence library has taken 15 years to compile and is forever growing.

Vibrational essences or 'extra support' can also be added to any Jamie product- just send us a note with your order requesting this customised service.