Vibrational Balancing


Vibrational Balancing- Energy Healing

Vibrational Balancing is a type of energy healing that employs a range of healing techniques, some of which are industry standard and others that have been pioneered through the refined channeling and healing skills of Donna Sue Robson.

Energy is constant yet dynamic: it is my job to access your energy field and to dissolve blocks so that you can enjoy physical, emotional and spiritual health. In cases where allopathic medicine or therapy is desired or necessary, Vibrational Balancing can hasten your physical and emotional recovery. Energy Healing helps you to understand why something has happened (e.g., an injury or disease), and with conscious understanding and re-sequencing, it can prevent re-occurrence and settle distress.

Major events are turning points that when addressed, can become powerful epiphanies. Vibrational Balancing helps you to work through times of acute or even dramatic change. It sets you to make the changes that you need or want to make.

People seek Vibrational Balancing for a variety of reasons

  • To resolve family and relationships issues.
  • To discover or change ‘paths’, particularly when you are at a crossroad.
  • To understand ‘programs’, end ‘contracts’ and create a new way of seeing the world and your place in it.
  • To address and heal physical problems chronic or acute injuries by changing the energy around those ailments, e.g.’ backs, broken bones, ligaments, tendons or muscles; repeated infections or conditions. 
  • To heal ‘physical’ diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, anorexia neurosis, multiple sclerosis by again starting with understanding the energy of disease and changing it.
  • To understand and shift psychological-emotional problems such as depression, addictions, anxiety and panic attacks. To look at and move trauma and fear behind those conditions. 
  • To address chronic pain of cyclical flair-ups, such as herpes or even repeated accidents.
  • To address hormonal issues such as fertility concerns; pregnancy and child-birth fears or problems.
  • To better understanding your own behaviour and change those patterns, e.g., emotional ‘shut-downs’ or stonewalling, anger, intimacy or trust issues, controlling or manipulative behaviour.
  • To shift trauma and the affect it is having on yourself or loved ones.
  • I also work with children, teenagers, pets and land.

Vibrational Balancing may include the following services and techniques

These modalities are listed to give you an idea of what Vibrational Balancing is, and the depth of healing that you can expect. Ultimately, Donna uses refined skills to work out what is required. It doesn't really matter what techniques are used: in the end, it is about understanding what is going on, shifting that which is holding you back, and co-creating new energy signatures to help you to move forward. 
  • Auric field and chakra clearing, re-balancing, alignment, activation and re-sequencing
  • Re-balancing and repair through colour, sound, symbol and aromatic frequencies
  • Crystal and crystal-bowl healing
  • DNA and RNA repair and activation
  • Spiritual counselling and re-framing perceptions and thoughts
  • Cutting ties and unwelcome attachments that no longer serve you
  • Back and heart re-sequencing (this creates major karmic shifts so that you are free to discover new life paths and challenges)
  • Understanding why you are ‘stuck’ in certain patterns. Using Egyptian Karmic methodology the challenge is learnt, lifted and ended. Then, new, appropriate and conscious challenges are created.
  • Removing and decoding ‘spirals’ or ‘cycles’, (stubborn thought patterns are rationalised and 'stuck').
  • Past-life and progressive-life therapy, clearing and activation
  • Geometric genetic coding (changing long-held soul or ancestral DNA codes)
  • ‘Codes of Light’ frequencies which lift you from current portals into new ones that can redetermine and elevate life and soul paths.

All of these techniques and services are all just ways to shift deep, old, stuck and outdated energies and create new pathways for better living, sustainable relationships and self development.

Amount of sessions required

It is impossible to say how many sessions you require because it depends on the nature of the problem and its complexity, as well as and how quickly you integrate energy and respond to shifts and changes. For example, a Back Re-sequencing generally entails three sessions; while life-path changes may only need one. In my experience, helping people with some form of cancer, immune-deficiency disease, depression or those going through a divorce or relationship breakdown, involves a few sessions over time, because these are serious and acute life-changing circumstances that involve long-held patterns that require real courage to change, and deep-programming shifts. You also need time to process energy and healing sessions, which is very personal. However, to give you a guide, you could expect fortnightly sessions over a maximum period of 2-3 months.

As life changes

Clients often come back for healing sessions, when, as life would have it, something ‘comes up’ that demands attention or resolution. Healing is a part of a commitment to yourself and your own life, as challenges appear.

Working with pets and animals

Pets and animals are welcome at Box Hill North for a one-on-one consultation. In some cases, (e.g., for large animals or those very ill or traumatised by travel), Distance Healings may be more suitable. 

How information is recorded

It doesn’t matter what is being asked, or what technique is employed, Vibrational Balancing is based on Donna's highly developed channeling skills. I talk to you all the time, not only because it establishes rapport and trust, but because it engages your conscious mind and hastens healing. All channeling is based on good listening and communication skills- even though answers may come in symbol, geometry, sound, colour or even mathematics. I translate it all into written English and discuss everything with you. All information is written down and visually recorded which you take home as a record. Sessions are not voice recorded.

One-on-one consultations are held in Box Hill North (Melbourne), and Distance Healings are also offered. Land (or Space) Healings and Corporate (workplace) Healings can be conducted either on-site or as a Distant Healing. For on-site Workplace Healings, travel expenses would be added to the consultation fee. I can do hospital or hospice visits, although it is often recommended that they be done as Distance Healings because of complexities and structural restraints. On-site follow-up visits can be arranged.

The full transcript of Distance Healing sessions are  mailed to you (along with your vibrational essence), although the written transcript is emailed to you as soon as possible after the session has been completed. Email follow-up is recommended.

I do not do telephone diagnosis or consultations, counselling, channeling or readings.

Vibrational Essences

Jamie has a library of vibrational essences in excess of 4,000 remedies which is constantly growing. This gives us the opportunity to consistently birth new energies and have a medicinal record of key energy shifts. Essences are an important part of Vibrational Balancing: they consolidate the shifts that you have made and prepare you for the next stage of your healing journey. Sometimes, your session itself is ‘bottled’ as an essence which when taken as suggested, helps you to consolidate the healing work and manifest new circumstances. The cost of your vibrational essence is included in the consultation fee.

Vibrational essences can also be added to any Jamie product (see Catalogue, General Information, Vibrational Essences) or ordered and posted to you as a separate item (see Catalogue, Vibrational Balancing Services).