Natural Skin-Care Balm


Jamie's Natural Skin-Care Balm has been developed for those eczemas and skin irritations of a constant, allergic or chronic nature. It smells a little more ‘earthy’ than Beauty hand-repair cream, with carrot seed added to lavender and rose essential oil synergy. Apricot oil and the neutral balm-base penetrate deep layers of skin; and the Bach flowers crab apple and homeopathic remedy rhus tox address itchiness. As so many allergies and skin irritations are stress-related, we can add Jamie vibrational essences on request, which will help to address emotional causes of stress and allergic symptoms.

At least, Jamie Natural Skin-Care Balm conditions the skin so that if there is a break-out, it may be managed quickly. Our balm may also help you to limit the use of standard allopathic solutions such as cortisone-based creams. Natural Skin-Care Balm is great for any skin abrasion or injury where the skin has been broken, torn or is somehow under stress.

Jamie makes a specific Natural Skin-Care Balm for Children aged between 5-16 years, and Jamie Babylon Balm is for babies and young children (0- 5 years). These products differ to the adult cream in both aromatic-healing-synergy and dilution. 

Pristine is our non-scented olive-oil soap that is recommended for allergy-prone and sensitive skin for adults, children and babies. 

Jamie Natural is pleased to be able to donate 5% of retail product sales to The Global Village Foundation, Bali. 


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