Loosen Up Healing Balm


Loosen Up is our No. 1 best seller for good reason. The aroma is ‘soft floral with a hint of herb’, created from chamomile roman, lavender, carrot seed and ginger-a synergy which is then blended with deep penetrating apricot oil and the most common homeopathic remedy for arthritis and muscle ache and pain, rhus tox. In addition, hypericum (St John’s Wort) and arnica are added. These herbal-infused healing oils work to move pain by relaxing nerve endings, treat shock and strengthen soft tissue.

Loosen Up was originally developed as a natural pain relief for inflamed soft tissue and arthritic conditions. Given that, it pretty well treats most muscular-skeleton aches and pains and should be used daily. It also provides relief for muscle-tendon-ligament pain or damage. Loosen Up is great to have in the house as a natural first-aid solution.

Please note that ginger has replaced rosemary in this synergy so that you do not have to worry if you have high blood pressure. Unless you specifically want rosemary, this is now our standard recipe and suits everyone.

Loosen Up is also in our Jamie Active Gift Pack. With 3 Jamie healing products, you enjoy lower prices when you make this choice. 

Jamie Natural is pleased to be able to donate 5% of retail product sales to The Global Village Foundation, Bali. 


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