Beauty Hand-repair Cream


Essential oils of rose and lavender take you straight back to Nanna’s garden. In fact, my own grandmother was the inspiration for this high-quality, velvety hand-repair cream: with her beautifully manicured hands and finger nails, Nanna was a true 'lady'. She represented a generation of women who really looked after their skin and hands. Beauty encapsulates that almost 'old-school' graceful feminine charm that soft, nourished hands announce.

Beyond the sheer beauty of this classic hand-cream, Beauty also heals mild dermatitis (e.g., dry or slightly cracked skin) and is a great choice as a night-cream for ‘outdoors’ women or those over 30 years of age.

Jamie Natural is pleased to be able to donate 5% of retail product sales to The Global Village Foundation, Bali. 


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