Men’s Care Range

Start the day right

Jamie men’s care range consists of a high-quality collection of after-shave lotions and sprays that combine essential oils and healing oils that not only care for men’s skin, but also make skin-care and shaving a pleasant and self-nurturing experience.

Jamie products also care for men's emotional health. That is why we can add vibrational essences to all products, which help men adjust to life's many pressures and stresses. The essential oils and healing oils used also balance men's skin as it dulls or is negatively affected by hormonal shifts that often come from complex emotions and when they need to simply to push on and get on with life.  

No preservatives are added to the Jamie after-shave range, as our non-transparent glass container-ware help to maintain each product's freshness and longevity. Like all of our original creations, Jamie after-shave lotions and sprays are hand-made, natural and chemical-free. Designed with shaving in mind, all lotions and sprays (with the exception of Renewal) include witch hazel for its antiseptic and anti-bacterial qualities.

If you have any special requests or would like vibrational essences added, please email Jamie through

Classic, Modern and Sensitive Man

Jamie after-shave lotions offer classic ‘bloke’ or ‘herb-wood’ synergies; as well as more complex and exotic blends that appeal to the more modern or style-conscious man. We are also renowned for our healing lotions and sprays that specifically designed for men with sensitive skin or those who have pimples, acne, facial eczema or excessive dryness. Look under these categories and choose on the basis of your favourite aroma, skin-type, or the energy description or personal profile that most appeals.

After-shave lotions

Jamie after-shave lotions have a light, ‘velvety’ texture, and are absorbed quickly.  If your skin is dry, we recommended the lotion variety rather than a spray.

A natural sun-screen protection can be added to your lotion on request, should you order two or more Jamie products. 

Men’s skin is generally oilier than women’s skin, which is why if you are looking for a moisturiser, we would recommend our after-shave lotions (which have witch hazel) rather than the moisturisers found under our skin-care range. However, our moisturisers are also good options, especially if you prefer more floral or ‘heart’ notes. Younger men, or those who have pimples, acne or prone to break-outs, are also advised to check out our facial toners and clay-cleansing bars, under our skin-care range.

After-shave sprays

The synergies of our after-shave sprays are the same as their lotion alternatives. Sprays are presented in either cobalt-blue or amber bottles with a plastic spray release. Jamie sprays are 100% water-based (which are non-irritant and perfect for sensitive skin) and have a sweet-almond oil solubiliser to break down essential oils and herbal-infused oils. Jamie sprays make elegant yet masculine gifts for men for whom you care.

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