Healing Oils

The Nature of Healing Oils

Jamie Healing Body Oils have been created for a particular healing purpose which their names and product descriptions evoke. Venus, for example, has been specially formulated to settle hormonal fluctuations, be it period pain and menstrual irritability or the symptoms associated with peri-menopause or menopause such as hot flashes and night sweats.

Jamie healing oils are more complex than Jamie massage oils, and are for that reason are more expensive. They have herbal-infused oils, essences and very intricate or complex essential-oil synergies. If you just want a oil for massage, we direct you to Massage Oils and our massage oil gift pack suggestions.

With the exception of Jamie's Skin-Support Blend Healing Oil, all of our healing oils have a sweet almond oil base. We include wheat germ oil as a natural preservative, so if you have a sensitivity to this oil, please let us know so that we can customise your order.


As with all Jamie healing products, we can add vibrational essences to your healing oil to further enhance its healing capabilities. 

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