Facial Toners

Toning is an essential part of your daily skin-care routine. Facial toners are especially important if you have pimples, blackheads, acne, dull skin, poor skin-health or skin that is slow to adjust to hormonal fluctuations and emotional stress.  

Jamie facial toners are 100% water based and include essential oils and herbal-infused oils (e.g., hypericum and evening primrose oil) that have been carefully selected to clean, tone, heal and hydrate the skin. Jamie toners rid your skin of toxic-build up and are essential to create a clean, radiant and glowing complexion. When you use a Jamie toner, you will really notice a difference to your skin's elasticity, cleanliness and time that it takes to recover from skin dryness, dullness or acne.

Jamie toners are recommended according to skin-type, age, life circumstances and hormonal cycles.  

Vibrational essences, which further customise your product, can be added on request: just send us an email with your paid purchase to request this free-of-change service.