Facial Sprays

Jamie facial sprays are designed to hydrate the skin, so above all, we advise that you choose your favourite aromatic synergy or the energetic product description that most appeals. Jamie facial sprays: invigorate your skin, indulge your senses, help you to de-stress and re-balance emotions and hormonal cycles.

Jamie facial sprays are 100% water-based and are bottled in convenient 50mL purse-size sprays. They are an ideal travel companion or to use when you are hot or are over-exposed to artificial lighting, heating or air conditioning (all of which dehydrate the skin).

Vibrational essences can also be added on request (send Jamie an email with your product order) and are no extra charge. Vibrational essences are particularly useful to address current stresses, pressures, emotional blocks or life event that is negatively impacting on you or your skin.

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