Clay-cleansing bars

Jamie's Rose Quartz and Jade facial clay-cleansing bars are cleansers in a convenient soap-bar format. Nurturing, natural and cost-effective, Rose Quartz and Jade are made from are made from French red and green clay respectively, with skin-care-appropriate essential oils added. At only $9.95, they make a total skin-care regime affordable. Jamie appreciates that for modern women, skin-care needs to be fuss-free, time-efficient and value-for-money.

If allowed to drain after use and used daily, Jamie clay-cleansing bars last between 1-3 months.

Jade, which is best for pimples, acne, facial eczema and dryness, will not be available until January 2017. In the meantime, we recommend Rose Quartz, which because it is also suitable for combination skin-types, will still nurture and heal those skin conditions and types for which Jade has been designed. Both Jamie clay-cleansing bars and are gentle, hand-made and support natural growers and environmentally sustainable practices.