Tango Red 50mL Women's Perfume Spray


Tango Red is Tango. Made from Tango music itself, this sensual fragrance is bold and passionate.  Just like the dance itself, etched in our deep and primal natures, Tango Red makes no apology for its luscious sex appeal.  

Tango Red is the essence of feminine complexity. It is a crisp, luxury fragrance shrouded in mystery and balanced with poise. An evening fragrance built on the purity of essential oils, Tango Red knows that strength and vulnerability are cornerstones of womanhood and beauty. Tango Red inspires confidence and gets you noticed. 

Tango Red is blessed with well-chosen varieties of rose and jasmine, harvested at different times of the year to balance soft layers, sensual tones and bold distinctions.  Floral tributes are teased with fruity melodies like peach and white grape, heightened with spicy South American aphrodisiacs, and grounded within the continent's ancient forest tapestries. Tango Red allows you to bend, curve and evolve. 

Tango Red is presented in an elegant, crisp-white, keep-sake box that cares for your perfume. This fragrance, that draws upon French perfumery tradition and style, lends grace to your beauty cabinet. The ritual of wearing perfume once again becomes enchanting and delightful.

Immerse in the rich, sensual world of Argentine Tango. 


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