Sandalwood & Elm Body Lotion


Sandalwood & Elm body lotion has a light, velvety texture and a rich musky aroma with a floral zest and  green undertone. Sandalwood & Elm is Jamie's ‘bliss-out’ body lotion.

Due to the rising and out-of-control cost of both sandalwood and valerian, it is unusual to find products that still use these essential oils. Jamie has had to change our original recipe that used East Indian sandalwood, but we still use practitioner-quality West Australian sandalwood, and have not compromised on dilution. True to our healing mission, we have continued to use Valerian European and not sought cheaper alternatives. Jamie's Sandalwood & Elm continues to be a delightedly intoxicating and indulgent blend of sandalwood, lavender and valerian that provides ultimate relaxation and a great night’s sleep.

In addition to these calming essential oils and hypericum, Sandalwood & Elm includes the Bach flowers elm and vervain which settle anxiety and feelings of being 'overwhelmed'. These Bach flowers help to just ‘let it go’. Keep the lotion bedside and sweet dreams!

The 200mL variety may be bottled in either cobalt blue or amber glass ware.

Jamie Natural is pleased to be able to donate 5% of retail product sales to The Global Village Foundation, Bali. 


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