Primrose Facial Moisturiser


Primrose is the moisturiser of choice if you have pimples, break-outs or even if your skin is acne-prone. Primrose is our recommended moisturiser for younger people (below 30) who are going through any type of change or emotional upheaval that affects your skin and hormonal cycle. That includes pimples, acne as well as acute facial dryness, itchiness, 'blotchiness' and chronic eczema.

Sensitive skin types habitually shows signs of stress, and Primrose which has the healing properties of patchouli and lavender, naturally adapt to your skin’s changing condition and heals pimples, other blemishes, hot spots and even facial eczema. 

If you suffer from acne or pimples, we strongly recommend that you also purchase a Jamie toner and clay-cleansing bar to rid of dirt, excess oil and toxins which clog up the skin. Jamie toners maximise skin health and aid skin recovery. If your skin remains red, sore, or if acne persists, we ask that you allow us to add vibrational essences to your Primrose and Viva toner. This customised approach allows us to address the emotional, hormonal and event-reaction that is causing your skin to break-out.  Vibrational essences can only be added to tubs of 120mL size ($45) and is no extra cost. You need to send us an email with your purchase order if you would like this service.

Primrose, when used as recommended (see skin-care routine), should eliminate the need for harsh acne creams and other pimple treatments. We also recommend Primrose to young men who are experiencing acne break-outs or other allergic reactions such as eczema. 

A natural sunscreen or sun protection can be added to large tubs only (120mL at $45) at no extra cost, on request. Please indicate with an email request with your order.

Jamie recommends: to combine with Jade clay-cleansing bar and Viva facial toner. In fact, we don't just recommend it- we almost insist on it as a complete skin-cleansing and skin-health routine.


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