Orange & Rosemary Conditioner


The fragrance of orange, lavender and rosemary is 'garden-fresh' and makes your hair soft and voluminous. In fact, the ‘softness’ and ‘body’ is the first thing that people notice about your hair when you use Jamie conditioners and hair products. The first thing that you notice is that you love washing your hair, as our generous use of essential oils means that you effectively have an aromatic shower while you are washing your hair. A great start to the day!

Orange, or in fact any essential oil from the orange tree (neroli and pettigrain) is particularly useful for people who have to deal with teams or social pressure. It creates joy and lessens sadness and social anxieties. It also aids communication- especially for men in social situations. 

Orange & Rosemary Conditioner is most compatible with Citrus & Cedar Shampoo.


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