Eva Facial Moisturiser


Eva is our most popular combination-skin moisturiser for the 35+ age group. It has apricot oil added, so it is a heavier (not oily) moisturiser than Maria-Rosa or Primrose. With a green-floral aroma of lavender, geranium and carrot seed, Eva balances hormones and emotions, especially around menstruation. Carrot seed helps to ‘cool’ the skin which lessons ‘redness’ (i.e., broken capillaries) or balances uneven skin tone.

A natural sunscreen or sun protection can be added on request, to large tubs only (120mL at $45) at no extra cost. Please indicate with an email request with your order. 

This is an ideal moisturiser for those who are going through peri-menopause, menopause or who are confronting any type of emotional upheaval that affects your hormonal cycle. That includes irregular periods, hormonal fluctuations, period pain, hot flashes or night sweats. Please drop Jamie an email if you need any further assistance, as we can add vibrational essences to your order or also recommend other helpful products from our essential oil or healing ranges. Only 120mL orders can be further customised (at no extra cost).

Jamie recommends: to combine with Rose Quartz clay-cleansing bar and Evolve toner especially if your skin is taken a beating from hormonal fluctuations or emotional stress.


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