Neroli & Lavender Conditioner


The fragrance of Neroli & Lavender  is ‘a rich, sensual floral cocktail’ making it a particularly delightful and luxurious conditioner to use. Neroli is the flower of the orange tree and smells like a ‘muted or very subtle citrus’. It is commonly used in perfumes and men’s colognes to add ‘heart’ to any fragrance.

Lavender essential oil is easy to extract and makes high-quality, natural hair-care products affordable. It naturally synergises with other essential oils and balances and enhances their properties: it literally adapts to what your hair needs as it changes (e.g., your hair changes according to hormonal and dietary changes, climate and lifestyle habits, e.g., swimming).

Neroli & lavender essential oils combine to stimulate hair growth and add volume to hair, which may be of particular interest to older, peri-menopausal or menopausal women, or those with calcium or protein deficiencies. Following that theme, Neroli & Lavender also helps to balance hormones and stress which can create hair dullness, hair loss or slow regrowth. 

Neroli & Lavender is most compatible with Ylang Ylang & Rosemary Shampoo.

For those with calcium or protein deficiencies we also recommend Carrot & Primrose Hair Oil.


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