Natural Skin-Care Oil- Pet Care


Jamie Natural Skin-Care Oil treats pet's skin conditions that are deeper or more severe than minor cuts, abrasions or infections (see Lavender Healing Water). This oil is suitable for chronic or allergic-skin reactions, such as eczemas. An external product, it won’t necessarily stop the allergy, but it does improve skin health, promote hair re-growth and hasten skin recovery. It is intended as a natural alternative, supplement or that which can provide a break from cortisone treatments. Effectiveness will be enhanced if you discuss the symptoms and issues with us (via email) so that we can add vibrational essences to your pet’s blend, which will help to address allergic causes and emotional imbalances.

Apply Natural Skin-Care Oil externally with a cotton-wool oil or your hands and rub it in as much as you can. If your cat will not let you do this, then try the Lavender & Healing Water as it is more easily applied and more quickly absorbed.


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