Black Tango 50mL Men's Cologne Spray


 Argentine Tango is here. Made from Tango music itself, Black Tango is jaw-dropping masculinity.  Its primal nature commands attention while its smooth sensuality grounds its earthy sex appeal.  Such is the Tango mystique. 

To dance Tango is to love Tango. To wear it, is to be Tango. 

Black Tango men's cologne is a confident declaration of old school manners and modern suave. It is a smooth blend of marinated orange blossom and cabernet spice, grounded in smoked mahogany and shredded oak. A crisp, dry, luxury fragrance made from pure essential oils, there are subtle balsamic undertones melded with Peruvian resins that make heads turn. Perfected by the finest of Parisian 'noses', this sultry evening fragrance is complex, alluring and sophisticated. 

Black Tango is received in a classy, durable, black presentation box that cares for your cologne. This high-end fragrance holds its value. 


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