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Small-Group or Private One-Day Workshops 

All instruction and tutelage of Vibrational Balancing and skill-attainment courses are taught by Donna Sue Robson or an accredited Jamie teacher (specified).

Private full-day workshops can be organised at any time and would suit the person who is time-poor, has advanced skills, has specific Healing, business or product intention, or who simply prefers private tutorship.

All prices include resources, supplies, morning, afternoon tea and lunch refreshments. Please let us know of any special dietary requirements.

To make payments for courses online, go to 'catalogue', 'vibrational balancing', select the 'courses and workshops icon', and then 'scroll' down in the menu to select the right course for you. 



Understanding Essential Oils and Creating Boutique Blends



Understanding Essential Oils and Creating Boutique Blends focuses on what oils do for YOU and what suits your energy system and needs at particular times in your life. It is not a process or information easily obtained from books. In this one-day workshop, you will learn (in a hands-on way):

  • What are essential oils?
  • What do essential oils do?
  • How they work in combination?
  • How to create a blend from your memories or experiences?
  • How smell links to memory?
  • What your choices and blends tell you about yourself?
  • What is a balanced blend?
  • How to create balance from smell and sound waves while respecting dilution
  • The art of dilution and creation of essential oil synergies that resonate with you

What You Will Create

You will create individualised:

  • 2 x 15mL essential-oil blend in Jojoba Oil; and either
  • 2 x 15mL pure essential-oil blends; or
  • 1 x 15mL pure essential-oil blend and 1 x 50mL essential-oil massage oil.

 What you will need: an exercise book and writing materials.

Workshop details

The workshop-course is at Jamie in Box Hill North, Melbourne, and the investment is $300 per person. All materials, as well as lunch, morning and afternoon tea are price-inclusive.

       For small-group classes

Venue:  Jamie Natural, Box Hill North, Melbourne
Next Intake: Saturday February 9th 2019
Time: 10am-5.00pm
Class size: 4
Investment: $300 

For private, full-day intensive

Venue: Jamie Natural, Box Hill North, Melbourne
Next Intake: Phone to organise
Time: 10am-5.00pm
Investment: $500 

Creating Natural Perfumes and Colognes



Great natural perfume and cologne is based on musical chords, melody, rhythm and harmony. That is exactly what this all-day workshop does- it teaches you to ‘match’ music to ‘essential oils’ and it’s equivalent ‘scent’ to create aromatic bliss and a perfume or cologne that is just ‘you’. For an independent description or summary information, check out this review on Weekend Notes

Music and Perfume

You will ‘literally’ convert a piece of music into perfume. Bring along a song, or piece of music that you love, and use it as a template to create customised perfume blends. We use essential oils because they carry pure energy and strong sound waves that can be detected and harmonised. Not only does this process give you a 'note-perfect' perfume or cologne, it also explains the relationship between sensory energies, e.g., sound and smell. The workshop teaches you how to match energies to your own heart-strings – and you will begin to understand what resonates with you and why; and why resonance is important for healing, connection and well-being.

What You Create

You will make 2 x 15mL customised perfumes (both ‘created’ from music).They may be perfume/cologne oils( in Jojoba), or in an alcohol or percentage-alcohol spray (i.e., perfume and cologne). You can make both blends for yourself or for someone else. If you choose to make one for another person, make sure you bring a piece of music that they love.

Understanding Essential Oils & Creating Boutique Blends is not a prerequisite for this workshop- but it does helps as it enriches your knowledge, skills and appreciation of oils, energy and blending. The focus of Creating Natural Perfume and Colognes is the relationship between sound and smell, and how to create a resonant blend. You will learn about aromatherapy along the way but instruction about essential oils is not the focus.

This is a particularly interesting workshop for dancers, musicians or lovers of music, as you can 'wear' and 'inhale' the music to which you are dancing, playing or performing. This heightens and affirms your connection to music - its rhythm, mood and style- and the musical and energetic connection between you and your partner, troupe, ensemble or band.

What you will need: an exercise book and writing materials.

Workshop details

The workshop-course is at Jamie in Box Hill North, Melbourne, and the investment is $300 per person. All materials, lunch, morning and afternoon tea are price-inclusive.

       For small-group classes

Venue:  Jamie Natural, Box Hill North, Melbourne
Next Intake: Saturday June 8th 2019
Time: 10am-5.00pm
Class size: 4
Investment: $300

       For private, full-day intensive

Venue:  Jamie Natural, Box Hill North, Melbourne
Next Intake: Phone to organise
Time: 10am-5.00pm
Investment: $500 


Vibrational Medicine: Seminar-Workshop



A 3-hour information-based seminar that covers:

- Vibrational essences and the creation process.

Not just the mechanical process of essence-creation, but rather- the creativity that once released, makes vibrational medicine so 'cutting edge' and limitless. You can expect detail and a thorough exploration of the complex layers that make vibrational medicine so exciting. 

- The DNA within vibrational essences: what you are creating an how to work with it.

Channeling the DNA strands created and exploring ideas of activation, fusion and division. Discussion about the vibrational essences as 'living DNA' and 'where vibrational medicine is headed'. 

- Current research projects: developments in the field of vibrational medicine (essences) and current research projects from Jamie Natural. How practitioners can share information and begin to combine resources to create global and measurable change.

- An activity based on an essence made from the seminar.

You use the essence made in the seminar to apply what you have learned e.g., exploring layers of meaning; pinpointing and analysing DNA activations; fusion; division; or time-loop re-creation. 

What you can expect

This seminar is 'open level' so as to inspire all those interested in the world of energy or vibrational medicine. Donna delivers her current research information; brings people together with a basic instruction; and discusses concepts that are bound to expand the way you think about vibrational essences and energy medicine. There is time for discussion and questions. The seminar includes: whole-group discussion, power point presentations as well as small-group, hands-on activity and information-share. The 3-hour seminar will be punctuated by 2 x 15-minute refreshment intervals. 

What you will need: writing materials.

Seminar-workshop details

This seminar-workshop is held at Jamie Natural in Box Hill North, Melbourne, and costs $70 per person. One 10mL essence, refreshments as well as tea and coffee are price-inclusive.


Venue: Jamie Natural, Box Hill North, Melbourne
Next workshop: Saturday August 24th 2019
Time: 2pm-5.00pm
Limited places: 15
Investment: $70



Natural Care and Energetic Healing for Pets 



The focus of this workshop is to teach you how to address some pet and animal ailments and conditions, naturally and by yourself. The natural therapies component focuses on: herbalism; food as medicine; and essential oils; and includes a practical session in which you will hand-create two products for your own furry friend. In the afternoon, we explore the field of energy healing and teach rudimentary healing techniques from the Vibrational Balancing syllabus. This is designed to increase your awareness of and telepathic communication with your pet and most importantly, settle disturbances before they explode into major health issues.

Jamie knows that pets and pet-owners already have a very strong connection and naturally understand non-verbal communication and what ‘energy’ actually is.  This workshop gives you both theoretical information to build your knowledge-base, and teaches you profound healing techniques that strengthens pet-owner bonds and improve the health and life of your fur babies.

Donna also runs a 3-hour information session on Natural Pet-Care Solutions through Melbourne CAE. This is an ideal introduction, but not a necessary pre-requisite to this course. 

Morning Session- Natural Care

The morning session focuses on natural pet-care, which is essentially looking at the more physical or material health issues of your pet. In addition, we address how your pet’s needs changes over their lifetime and the care that you provide needs to change too.  

We focus on:

  • Food as medicine; diet and nutrition
  • Herbs and herbal-based supplements
  • Essential oils and how to use them for pet-care

Practical Session

We will then create two custom-made products using essential oils and natural bases:

  1. Basic oil, lotion or oil-based product for skin irritations
  2. Basic oil, lotion or oil-based product for muscle ache, pain or injury


Afternoon Session- Energetic Healing

We will address the types of energy healing therapies available and their suitability for pet-care over your pet’s lifetime. In this workshop, the healing modality taught is Vibrational Balancing which has been pioneered and developed by Jamie Natural.  You will learn:

  • Auric balancing- this is important if your pet is displaying agitation or other forms of stress and anxiety
  • Chakra balancing- this is important for overall health and balance and may go towards settling obsessive behaviours (e.g., barking, over-protection, spraying for cats, chewing)

One of the most important aspects of pet-care is to understand the very nature of the human-pet connection and how our behaviour impacts upon them. This has great implications for natural care and energy healing for pets, as often times, it is not the pet we are treating- it is their human friend and the issues in their lives which a pet intuits, attempts to hold or even shift for them. In this workshop you will be taught: 

  • Basic ‘scanning’ and ‘intuit-techniques’ to determine exactly what the problem is and how best to clear and to balance those issues.
  • Working with sound waves to understand what is going on, what they are telling you and how to change their energy, thoughts, behaviours or disturbances.

Practical Session

Most of the Energy Healing part of the workshop is practical and we will work my own dogs to learn the basics. In addition we will also create a custom-made vibrational essence that you will take home with you to kick-start your own energy-medicine cabinet.

  • To make a vibrational essence (similar to Bach flower remedies) you will need to bring a photo OR a small hair sample of your pet or animal to whom you are directing your healing efforts.

What you need to bring

  • An exercise book and working materials.
  • Photo of your pet/s and/or a small hair sample

For this workshop all refreshments will be vegetarian and are price-inclusive. Please tell us if you have any other special dietary requirements.

Small-group workshop format and details   

Venue: Jamie Natural, Box Hill North, Melbourne
Next workshop: Saturday September 14th 2019
Time: 10am-5.00pm
Class size: 4
Investment: $300 (All resources and lunch included.)


Tango Communication

 Tango Communication

 Is 'communication' an issue in your relationship?

Our Tango Communication workshop series focuses on the way that you and your partner communicate as you learn to dance Argentine Tango. There is so much more to communication than words.

Throughout these three Tango workshops, you will be guided in a practical, insightful, yet fun way, to see how your communication patterns may be preventing you from getting the most out of your relationship. Issues are revealed naturally as couples and partners move, negotiate space and roles, and communicate Tango steps, forms and sequences. Argentine Tango is the quintessential partner dance that has stood the test of time. Let it guide, nurture and deepen your partner connection.

Tango itself can hold the key but with expert guidance that combines dance instruction and energy healing, couples begin to recognise their own habits and work together to consciously change them. Tango Communication teaches couple-appropriate strategies that improve your listening skills, partnership-support and receptivity that are key to building sustainable relationships. Most importantly, you will also get to enjoy this intimate and sensual dance together.

Tango Communication is ideal for new couples, married partners and those who want to address communication issues that are causing relationship distress, avoidance or even inertia. Couples can also opt to do this workshop series privately, if the small-group scenario is not suitable. Singles are also invited

Singles are invited to do this course, but this would be organised as private sessions. 

Tango Communication is a joint presentation between Jamie Natural and Momentos. Our workshops and private lessons are taught at Jamie HQ in Box Hill North. Donna Sue Robson joins with Argentine Tango professional Kristina Diaz to deliver these unique dance-therapy workshops. 

Check out this Review

For an objective description of Tango Communication, or to consider custom-designed workshops for special interest groups or even private tuition, check out this review by Kirsty Bishop-Fox published on Weekend Notes https://www.weekendnotes.com/tango-communication-jamie-natural-health-and-healing/.

Workshop format and details

Venue: Jamie Natural, Box Hill North
Dates: March, May, July & Oct: 1st 3 Saturdays in the month
Duration and Time: 3 x 2-hr workshops from 10am-12pm.
Couples Cost: $400 (for the 3 workshops)
Private Sessions: Call to arrange a suitable package
Class Size: Maximum 8 people (4 couples)

Pics by Zahara Alexander, Flickr, Creative Commons, from the Tango in Red series, www.redbubble.com


All Workshop Registrations and Payments

Workshop registration and inquiries can be made through info@jamienatural.com or by phoning 0402 161868. Follow this link to make payment and use the drop-down menu to select your workshop.  Places can only be reserved with full payment.