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Private Tuition Specialists

Jamie specialises in private tuition as experience has shown us that focused, customised and applied attention is the most authentic way to teach energetic disciplines and the sensual arts. Our full-day workshops can be organised at any time and suit the person who is time-poor or who favours intensive learning. We prefer to conduct workshops at Jamie Natural in Box Hill North, but may be able to offer online options for those living in remote or overseas locations or whose travel options are limited due to COVID-19 restrictions.  


Understanding Essential Oils and Creating Boutique Blends



Understanding Essential Oils and Creating Boutique Blends focuses on what oils do for YOU and what suits your energy system and needs at particular times in your life. It is not a process or information easily obtained from books. In this one-day workshop, you will learn (in a hands-on way):

  • What are essential oils?
  • What do essential oils do?
  • How they work in combination?
  • How to create a blend from your memories or experiences?
  • How smell links to memory?
  • What your choices and blends tell you about yourself?
  • What is a balanced blend?
  • How to create balance from smell and sound waves while respecting dilution.
  • The art of dilution and resonance.

You will create:

  • 2 x 15mL essential-oil blend in Jojoba Oil; and either
  • 2 x 15mL pure essential-oil blends; or
  • 1 x 15mL pure essential-oil blend and 1 x 50mL essential-oil massage oil.           

Full-day intensive

Prime Venue: Jamie Natural, Box Hill North, Melbourne
Time: Time to suit student
Duration: 11 x full-day; or 2 x half-days
Investment: $600 

Natural Harmony: Turning Music into Scent



Great natural perfume and cologne is based on musical chords, melody, rhythm and harmony. That is exactly what this all-day workshop does- teaches you how to match music to essential oils to create aromatic bliss, i.e., a perfume or cologne that is just ‘you’. For an independent description or summary check out this review on Weekend Notes

Music and Perfume

You ‘literally’ convert a piece of music into perfume. Bring along a song, or piece of music that you love, and use it to create a customised perfume blend. We use essential oils because they exude sound waves that harmonise with other smells. Not only does this process give you a 'note-perfect' perfume or cologne, it also explains the relationship between sensory energies, e.g., sound and smell. 

You will make 2 x 15mL customised perfumes (both ‘created’ from music).They may be perfume/cologne oils (in Jojoba), or in an alcohol or percentage-alcohol spray (i.e., perfume and cologne). 

Understanding Essential Oils & Creating Boutique Blends is not a prerequisite for this workshop- but it does help.


      One day intensives

Prime Venue:  Jamie Natural, Box Hill North, Melbourne
Time: To suit student
Format: One full day; or 2 x half-days
Investment: $600

Tango Communication

 Tango Communication

Tango Communication has been designed for those who want to address communication issues in their partnership or relationship-history. 

Our Tango Communication private workshops focus on the way that you and your partner communicate as you learn to dance Argentine Tango. To help you to embrace this sensory world, Jamie burns 'background blends' that enhance partner stimulation and olfactory learning. There is so much more to communication than just words. 

Throughout these three Tango workshops, you will be guided in a practical and fun way, to consider how your communication patterns may be preventing you from getting the most out of your relationship. Issues are revealed as couples and partners move, and negotiate space and roles. Let Argentine Tango guide, nurture and deepen your partner connection.

These workshops combine dance instruction (Kristina Diaz) with energy healing (Donna Robson). 
Tango Communication private dance-therapy workshops are taught in Box Hill North but are currently suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions.  For further information about Tango Communication private workshops, check out this review by Kirsty Bishop-Fox published on Weekend Notes https://www.weekendnotes.com/tango-communication-jamie-natural-health-and-healing/.

Private Workshops 

Prime Venue: Jamie Natural, Box Hill North
Time: Suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions
Format: 3 x 1-hr workshops 
Couples Cost: $600 (for the 3 workshops)
Tutorage: 2 instructors: Donna Robson and Kristina Diaz

All Workshop Registrations and Payments

Workshop registration and inquiries can be made through info@jamienatural.com or by phoning 0402 161868. Follow this link to make payment and use the drop-down menu to select your workshop.