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Jamie Natural Health and Healing would like to thank Erin King, Photographer, for this picture of Tessa and I. We are honoured to be part of Erin's next coffee-style book, featuring Melbourne Rescue Dogs. It is with love and pride that I acknowledge all of my fur-babies as the driving force behind Jamie Natural.


Contact Details

Contact: Donna Robson
Address: 8 Tweedie Court Box Hill North Vic 3129
Phone: 0402 161 868 or international + 61 4 (04) 0216 1868
Facebook group: Momentos En Amor 


Please phone if you would like to make an appointment for a healing consultation in Box Hill North, or if you would like to discuss the nature of Vibrational Balancing, Jamie product ranges, or our teaching or workshop programs.


Please email Jamie to request that vibrational essences be added to your product or order; or to discuss a Distance Healing session. In fact, drop Jamie a line for any reason at all- we would love to hear from you.

FACEBOOK- Check us out and join a group

'Like' Jamie on Facebook to receive our regular product and course updates as well as important research information. You can shop directly from our Facebook page or use it to make bookings or request information. This is our 'go-to' site for updates, course news, posts connected to healing, healing-arts and animal welfare. We also post information, events and insights from other healers, Healing Centres and associated groups. 

Jamie Facebook Groups

Momentos En Amor

This is a group for those people who are interested and committed, through their work, spirituality and values, to making the world a better place. It seeks to unite humanitarians, animal rescue workers, activists, artists and healers who work in an array of diverse fields throughout the world. You can expect lots of animal posts, healing information and insights, as well as news from humanitarian groups and world-wide events. It is a group for those who live, breathe and work 'from the heart'. You can request membership, submit posts- and not be worried about rules. 

Momentos En Amor is a joint venture with our sister-partner, Momentos to specifically connect healers and artists, and to promote the Healing-Arts. Jamie-Momentos has also invited our support-partner, Global Village Foundation, Bali as an administrator of this group. You can expect a global and visionary perspective. 

Specifically for Jamie students

We also have a Facebook group specifically for Jamie students and our ex-students who want to stay in touch and share insights and inspirations. You will be invited to join as you enroll and begin your studies with Jamie Natural. We encourage news, thoughts, questions and insights from members. 

Jamie partnerships

Contact: Donna Robson
Facebook groups: Momentos En Tango and Momentos En Amor