Wilderness Furniture Cleaner


Wilderness is an extraordinary product created for Zuster Furniture Group. It is a perfumed, yet earthy-spiced blend of patchouli, rosewood, palmarosa, juniper berry and pepper black.

Wilderness is a water-based spray, and although designed to clean wooden furniture (spray-on surfaces and wipe-off with Zuster micro-fibre cloth), it is also suitable for stone, stainless steel, tiles, timber, slate and laminate finishes.

In addition to cleaning most modern surfaces, Wilderness is highly recommended as a space clearer or an elixir as it lifts unwanted or stale energies. Wilderness is the only cleaning product on the market that uses Jamie’s vibrational essences, namely ‘Infinity’ which literally dispels negativity and raises the energetic frequencies of not only the house, but of its occupants and visitors.


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