Wholesale Pet-Care 6-Pack


Wholesale Pet-Care 6-Pack gives you 6 pieces of all our pet care products except for the custom-made lotions, Dry Nose and Come for the Ride. The 6-Pack also includes 6 x Pet-Care Gift Pack. If you order this pack we can make smaller quantities of those two products, at a wholesale price.

6 x 100mL Arnica and Lavender Oil (6);

6 x 100mL Calm (6);

6 x 100mL Dry (6);

6 x 100mL Flea and Tick Repellent (6);

6 x 100mL Loosen Up (6);

6 x 100mL Natural Skin-Care Oil (6);

6 x 100mL Lavender and Carrot Healing Water (6);

6 x 250mL Shine Pet Shampoo (6); and

6 x Pet-Care Gift Pack (6).

Email info@jamienatural.com so we can organise the most cost-effective delivery option for you.



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