Vibrational Balancing Healing Sessions, Distance Healing session- 2-hour session includes stock/25mL composite vibrational essences


Vibrational Balancing Healing sessions are offered as a one-on-one consult in Box Hill North, Melbourne, or as a Distance Healing for those who may not be able to travel, or for international or interstate clients.

You can pay for a Distance or 1-1 Healing online, but generally we need to talk to you first. For Distance Healings, please make contact via email; for 1-1 Healings in Box Hill North, please phone or contact us to make an appointment. 

Donna was delighted to be able to work at Ishka, Warrnambool, last May to serve those in the Western District. She will be returning and is available for sessions on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th of May 2018. Donna is also open to visiting other regional Victorian centres, so please give us a call if you think that there are people interested (or even a group that is interested in one of our courses).  For regional 1-1 sessions, payment needs to be paid in-advance. They are the same cost as Box Hill North 1-1 sessions.  

For more information go to Vibrational Balancing.



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