Sensitive After-Shave Lotion or Spray


Sensitive is intended for men with sensitive skin, and those who suffer from skin allergies. The scent is simply lavender, chosen for its wide-ranging healing properties, and heroes the healing oils evening primrose and hypericum which balance skin tone and heal blemishes of any kind (e.g., pimples, acne, burns, cuts, eczema and dryness). These ingredients combine to lessen skin stress, tiredness and heal skin shock.

Sensitive is extremely gentle- for men who need gentle nurture and to have their emotions listened to or understood.

A natural sun-screen protection such as avocado oil can be added to the lotion variety on request, should you order two or more Jamie products. Jamie vibrational essences can also be added upon request, and are highly recommended if you or the man for whom you are buying is going through a lot of life-changing events and circumstances and just needs extra and subtle, energetic support.

Sensitive is available as an after-shave lotion or spray.


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