Courses and Workshops


Jamie Natural Health and Healing offers a range of courses and workshops, designed to propel your knowledge and skills in natural healing and energetic studies. There are 6-week small-group course options, as well as small-group, full-day workshop alternatives. All of our courses and the knowledge you will gain, will contribute to a Healing practice, but are also stand-alone courses for interest's sake.

In 2018 Jamie offers: channeling courses; essential oils and natural perfumery; a full-day workshop in vibrational essence-creation; as well as a natural care and energetic healing for pets. We also have great pleasure to join with Momentos, to deliver Tango Communication, a powerful series of dance-healing workshops to be hosted across Melbourne.

You can also opt to do any course or workshop that we offer, as a full-day, private intensive course. These prices and options are listed separately in the drop-down menu.

For payment options for our 2019 Bali Vibrational Intensive and Skill-Development and Bridging Courses, please go to Vibrational Balancing Tutorial.

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