Tango Perfumes and Colognes

Argentine Tango in a Bottle

Argentine Tango is a full-rich experience of intimate and everlasting love. Now, you can wear Tango eroticism as a perfume or cologne. Get ready for our exclusive Momentos En Tango perfume and cologne range.

Momentos, the arts-healing arm of Jamie Natural Health and Healing, has been working for over 4 years with a Parisian perfumery house, to create the world's first all-natural, essential oil-based Argentine Tango perfume and cologne evening fragrances. These crisp, complex, and sultry scents reflect the warmth and sensuality of Argentine Tango. They are endowed with cultural authenticity and hum with musical finesse.  You will be able to order them as single fragrances or as a partner duo pack that is sure to ignite passion and romance. 

Wholesale Packages

Wholesale perfume and cologne packages will also be made available. Tango is a global community and we want to share the love.

Momentos En Tango perfumes and colognes are due for release by September 2018. 


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