Jamie Natural Health and Healing

Jamie –Who are We

The Jamie story is one of love and commitment. Our healing path began over 20 years ago when Donna’s dog Jamie was diagnosed with a terminal liver cancer.  It is a privilege to be able to share Jamie’s Story with you and hope that this remarkable dog inspires your own healing journey too. Jamie, and this unique love story between Donna and her dog, remains the inspiration behind Jamie Natural Health and Healing, an energy-healing consultancy and boutique aromatherapy healing product label.

Energy-Healing Consultancy

Jamie Natural Health and Healing is the energy-healing consultancy of Donna Sue Robson. Since 2005 in Warburton, Victoria, Donna has pioneered a particular form of energy healing called Vibrational Balancing. Either as a one-on-one Healing session in Lilydale or as a Distance healing, Donna employs a range of energy-healing techniques that are based on her unique ability to access, understand and transform energy. These techniques are based on Donna’s highly refined channeling skills, as well as her natural compassion and commitment to helping you to make profound life changes.

The Essence of Healing

All healing is inspired by love and driven by empathy. It works when there is established trust between practitioner and client, teacher and student or even creator, manufacturer and consumer. Healing requires the willingness and courage to make lasting transformation. An energy healer works with you to help you manifest real change and healthy life outcomes.


Boutique Natural Healing Products

For almost 20 years, Donna has hand-created the all-natural product range, Jamie Natural Health and Healing. This boutique aromatherapy line has over 60 healing products and 7 ranges. What makes Jamie products special is the rare combination of practitioner-quality essential oils, natural bases and organic oils, homeopathic remedies and Jamie’s own vibrational essences. 

All Jamie products are hand-made with TLC (tender loving care). We are happy to talk with you to better understand you and your life, and will happily add vibrational essences at no extra cost, just to go the extra mile. 


Tutorship, Courses and Workshops

Jamie has study options for those simply wanting to expand their knowledge, as well as for light-workers and those wanting to become professional energy-healing practitioners. Jamie presents a range of private tutelage, courses and one-day workshop options to study Vibrational Balancing and energy healing both in Australia or once every two years in Bali, Indonesia (next upcoming course in Bali is August 2017).  In addition, Jamie offer courses and one-day workshops to study the age-old spiritual and healing disciplines of channeling, aromatherapy, perfumery and vibrational essence-making.